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dragon fruit

    3 responses

nicgee starts with ...
Hi Guys,
May be some one can help.
I have a large red skin/white flesh dragon fruit that have produced for the last 3 years, and currently has 4 fruits,
no probs as its self pollinating.
Now my fun? starts. I have another one next door to it that was an unknown variety. It produced two lots of 5 flowers at 6 week intervals last year but no fruit. Thinking that it needs hand pollinating, this year, the [ again] 5 flowers openrd up overnight and i tried to hand polinate, but there was no visible pollen .I tried to spread it around 5 days ago but the buds have now turned yellow, so Failure.
Can anybody Help.
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gwelup 6018
20th February 2015 7:36pm
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Correy says...
I applaud your dedication with this.

Like you have found out not all dragon fruit will set fruit by themselves and most people who have the luxury of getting proven Cultivars of dragon fruit such as the ones that Daleys Sells will not have many problems with them setting fruit. After all this is why they were chosen.

Just going on what you have said perhaps it is a case that you need the pollen from the other dragon fruit rather than itself and therefore try and cross pollinate it next time.

So you would need to collect the pollen from the other dragon fruit that you have when it opens and then transfer it to this dragon fruit. This may be logistically challenging.

For beginners when it comes to growing dragon fruit getting one that is self fertile as possible ( they all benefit from cross pollination ) is perhaps as important as choosing the colour of the flesh. Therefore getting a cutting grown one from a known cultivar is the go.

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4th March 2015 9:34am
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Original Post was last edited: 4th March 2015 9:32am
sternus1 says...
I agree. Rather than taking a punt by buying a dragon from ebay or Bunnings you're ultimately better of purchasing one from daleys. They have some superb varieties in production right now including frankies red and purple haze, which are miles ahead in terms of quality than what you can get elsewhere and are self pollinating.
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4th March 2015 9:45am
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nicgee says...
Sternus1 and Correy,
I thank you for your kind and positive replies.
But being here in WA our Ag dept is very strict and any plants you guys on the East coast can readily buy, we cannot.
But it makes me wonder, if there's one rule for us peasants and one for nurseries?
There was a fruit tree that was declared as weed, and not allowed in WA, low and behold it is avail at the local nursery.
Go figure!!!!
Thanks again guys.
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4th March 2015 5:52pm
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