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Falling Fruits as a source of local cuttings/seeds

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Kath5 starts with ...
Falling Fruit is a community driven website which maps free edibles. Most of these 'edibles' are fruit trees that are either on public land or overhang public land.

I've used it as an occasional source of local fruit and added a few trees that I know of. But it recently occurred to me that folks here might be interested in using it as a source for seeds and cuttings, or even just to see what is growing successfully in your area.

Of course you need to use your own judgement to decide if you need permission, especially with plants in private gardens that hang over the fence. But all in all it's a pretty good resource.

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16th October 2017 6:19pm
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People who Like this Answer: allybanana
allybanana says...
This site is so awesome.
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26th October 2017 10:31am
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