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Feijoa Variaties

    2 responses

Lu starts with ...
Hi, I am after a feijoa plant that produces fruit with a real sweet tang to it (like sherbert). Some feijoas I have tasted are pretty mild in flavour and just have a mild sweet tast with no real buzz to it. Does anyone know which variety is best for this? Thanks
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7th April 2010 11:50am
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BJ says...
If you check out the Daleys page on feijoa http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/fruit%20pages/feijoa.htm) they describe many of the flavours. The terroir will have a significant impact on fruit flavour. Terroir is a fancy French word to explain how things taste different depending on where and how they are grown. Just think of how different tea tastes depending on the location it is grown, or wine. So two of the same named variety feijoa will taste different depending on how they are grown and their climate. Obviously you'll get a better flavour from a named variety than a Bunnings seedling (grrr Bunnings seedlings)
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7th April 2010 5:34pm
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Edward says...
Lu, I guess you might have already bought a feijoa by now, but at least I can tell you that we have enjoyed the Duffy feijoa variety purchased from Daleys. It produced fairly large fruit, and Daleys says it is suitable for Victoria, which should suit you. We also have the Nazematze feijoa planted at the same time but it hardly fruits - suspect inadequate cross pollination. Information from New Zealand indicates that pollination is by birds, but our feijoas trees are netted so that could be the problem.
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28th May 2016 10:16pm
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