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Fruit as fence topper

    2 responses

Alice starts with ...
I have a colorbond fence against which I would like to plant some fruit. The sun hits it from my neighbours side so it gets very hot in summer, on my side it is in full shade for most of the day.
I'm wondering if anyone has had success training a fruit tree to a single stem and growing fruit above the top of the fence to give it some sun but protect it from the scolding fence. Like a very high step over if that makes sense. I am comfortable with espalier.
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13th August 2017 12:08pm
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BJ11 says...
If you're looking at six foot trunks before the tree branches out I think you might be creating a challenge. Espalier is easier with most fruit trees. I've had success with espalier on various fence forms (both with the sun against the fence and behind the fence). Most of what I have used have been stone fruit, feijoa and apples. (Feijoa also seem OK with a bit of shade).
Alternatively if you want something that loves heat and is tough I've found it really easy to just grow pomegranate, jubjube, and roses in the 'hot' parts of a garden against a metal fence in Perth. You could also try natal plum, carob, etc).
Depending on the depth of the fence you might find that you need to add shade-cloth or cardboard for the first year then the trees will be sufficiently established to cope with the heat.
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15th August 2017 11:33am
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Markmelb says...
Have you thought of planting a grape vine above that colourbond fence? as i have done similar with a couple different grape CVs including a Muscadine from daleys that grow great here in south.
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15th August 2017 10:04pm
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