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Glass/Greenhouse in melbourne

    2 responses

Damian starts with ...
Hello all,

Just thought I might toss this in for opinions and discussion.

Would there be any benefit to setup a glasshouse made of a frame with glasshouse plastic covering in the backyard with no heat source or humidity control.

Would this be sufficient for frost protetion when melbourne temperatures reach 2 degrees? It is very rare melbourne would drop below that in winter. When trees are said to be frost sensitive does that mean "frost" sensitive or more accuratley temperature sensitive? I seem to get the feeling the 2 terms get intermingled. Tropicals are commonly referred to frost sensitive, does that mean it will be ok if temperatures reach 0, but adequate frost protection is provided? I am a bit confused with the terminology, the rollinia is commented with "young trees will be killed by 3 degrees" but presumably, water doesn't freeze at 3 so there should not be any frost.

Anyway, I'm more keen to know will an unheated glasshouse help with tropicals since the internal temperature will be very close to external temperature.
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24th September 2008 11:04am
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Hassan says...
HI Damian
Basically lower temperatures damage plants in two different categories:
1. 'Chilling': this usually happens in lower tempratures but above "0" and severely affects on sensitive parts of the plant ( flowers, developing fruits,leaves and young shoots) but it can not kill the plant unless it is influcing continuesly for a long time!
2. 'Frost': this is a developed stage of chilling which can be either the result of a severe chilling or it happens independently. temperature will drop to "0" or lower which could kill young plants and its severity degree depends on centigrade degrees and duration.

Establishing a plastic tunnel or igloo helps a lot to control lower temprature damages. Regardless of your plant habit ( Tropical or temperate, the cover save daylight temperature and doesnt allow it to drop suddenly during cold hours of night time. I think it is more effective if you make a plastic tunnel rather than plastic shade or greenhouse because tunnel's size is much smaller and can keep daytime temperature more efficiently.
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1st October 2008 8:41am
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van says...
Where would one be able to find a plastic tunnel? Would covering with shadecloth at night be suitable?
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3rd June 2009 11:55pm
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