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Golden Champaca Michelia champaca

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fruit4all1 starts with ...
I have a Golden Champaca Michelia champaca
planted approximately three months ago. It is growing rapidly but has very pale greenish yellow leaves, both new and old leaves are affected and the colour is consistent over the entire leaf. The plant is in the subtropics and is shaded from mid afternoon. The soil is red volcanic loam and the property is on an old pine tree forest. PH is about 6.5. What can I do to get the leaves go to a normal green colour. I have a Bullbay magnolia and Lady of the Night magnolia growing a few metres away but they are not affected, nor are my camellias or azaleas. However, more distant on the same property I have citrus and passionfruit with yellow mottling. Any help will be appreciated
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24th January 2019 9:12am
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Pauline Staff of Daley,s Nursery says...
Hi have you tried a nitrogen supplement like a pelletised chook manure. This may be useful especially if your magnolias are large- they might be using the nutrients as they have large root systems. Yellow mottling can be a number of things - whether its between the veins, on old leaves or new leaves. An internet search with a description of the leaf would likely give you the information you need
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Pauline Staff of Daley's Nursery
14th February 2019 4:20pm
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