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Grape vine Nebbiolo variety

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Annie9 starts with ...
Was wondering if any one had some of the above that they would like to part with
Or sell to me. I am in Victoria and can only find the above comercially in lots of 500 minimum.
Like most of you Ian just a home gardener who is looking for 4-6 vines

Hope some one has some top art with
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8th July 2017 8:26am
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BJ11 says...
Hello Annie9,
I don't personally have any Nebbiolo, but I sourced my grape vines from a local commercial grower when they were pruning their vines. Essentially I found someone local whose wine I loved and I asked if I could have 1-2 cuttings. They gave me 70!
Grapes grow incredibly easily from cuttings, so you don't need to many to be confident you'll get 4-6 strike.
Just call your local wineries, let them know you are not looking to be a competitor but that you love their wine, and ask if you can negotiate for a few cuttings.
Good luck!
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31st July 2017 2:54pm
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