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Help identifying a pear trer

    2 responses

Earthy starts with ...
Please help me identify this pear tree.
Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2

Picture: 3
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17th March 2017 3:03pm
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SueBee says...
Possibly a William Pear?
There are sites online for ID jusdt google Pear varieties and look at pics until you find it.
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SW Vic.
30th March 2017 9:18am
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brad16 says...
Yum! Nice tree Earthy.
I tend to agree with SueBee and think it may be a Williams Bon Chretien (sometimes known as Bartlett). The Packhams Triumph looks very similar and both were common commercial varieties around the time the tree would have been planted, though a few things tend me to lean towards the Williams.
Williams ripen to a more yellow colour than the Packhams and although they can look almost identical when still reasonably green, the Williams can have a slightly more elongated shape, as Packhams are rather squatly shaped pears.
When ripe, the Williams will be a softer pear and have a grainy texture, a bit like semolina porridge, whereas the Packhams are firmer. Williams pears can make a mess of your face if you pick it up and 'hoe in'.
You posted the question around the time I would expect Williams pears to be ripening and I've usually noticed that the Packhams hit the supermarket shelves a little earlier. That isn't very definitive though, as different trees in different locations may harvest at different times.
Williams pears are my benchmark pear. They were the default 'generic on the shelf' pear when I was growing up, so their texture and flavour is what a pear is for me (and I like it). I'm envying your tree right now.
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31st March 2017 1:16pm
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