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How to grow Small trees?

    2 responses

Strilets starts with ...
I've read an interesting article about small tees
it is a kind of bonsai, but these trees are also bring fruit
so, I'm strongly desire to grow a small apple tree at home :)
I'm not sure about where to start
just found these books
some people recommend to start from seeds and other from sprout
would be glad to hear really reasonable advice!!!
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10th February 2011 3:25am
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Julie says...
Strilets, you can buy specially bred dwarf trees like the ones in the pics. Or you can grow normal trees in Bonsai bags,available from Daleys.

Go to the search bar on top right of page, and type in 'Trees grown in bags' (not sure of right words, but it will come up).There is quite a long article about a commercial grower who grows cherries in these bags. Worth reading.
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Roleystone WA
10th February 2011 8:38pm
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Norma Hall says...
It's all depends on your care and water. Growing Bonsai plant is not normal thing because i have experience.My first bonsai was dead and then i was bought bonsai book from https://www.bestbloombooster.com/best-bonsai-books-for-beginners/ this website for knowledge of caring and feeding water duration. It is nice think to give a bonsai gift but also gift bonsai book for knowlege of care and also she develop her gardening skill.
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3rd July 2018 8:30pm
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Original Post was last edited: 3rd July 2018 8:31pm

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