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JackFruit Dying - Rich Soil

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wrc559 starts with ...
Hey Guys,

Im a little confused about this tree.
Ordered from Daileys about 2.5 months ago.

When i got the tree i left it in its original pot for about 5 days, Then repotted.

I used Organic soil, mixed with sand, mixed with cow manure, topped with organic fertilizer.

In the last 4 weeks the leaves have been slowly turning brown (So i cut half of them off) New shoots we coming however slowly dying off.
Now 3/4 up the trunk the barks has gone from green to brown (looks dead)

Im a little disappointed. Whats the secret to these trees? It was planted in a medium pot - gets about 5 hours sun light. Watered weekly.

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28th October 2012 10:19pm
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denise1 says...
probably could have done without the cowshit on a small plant. Also animal manure should be composted first and better applied on top so it releases slowly into the ground for a gradual sustained hardy growth. I wonder if it needs more waterings per week. It shouldnt dry out excessively or remain soggy. If you are new to caring for fruit trees you may need to find someone to visit you and help with developing your skills as without seeing your soil and planting site we can only give generalised advise.
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auckland NZ
29th October 2012 7:11am
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