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Kiwifruit - grafting?

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RoseS starts with ...
i have an established male and female kiwifruit vines - both healthy - main trunks would be 4-5cm thick. In seven years - no flowers and no fruit :( Would like to investigate grafting onto them as the rootstock is obviously good. Two questions: Is there any of the new red kiwifruit available (released in NZ in 2010) that I could use for grafting, and do I need male and female grafting material? and b) when is the best time of the year to do this?
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Tamborine Mountain
10th June 2018 10:37am
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Linda says...
Grafting for deciduous is usually just before they wake up in the spring. Use an Omega grafting tool -, as a complete beginner I had a really good success rate with some apples.
Before you graft - check the pH of the soil, are the vines in full sun?, do they get enough water? and give them POTASH to encourage flowering (try Betta Bloom fertilizer - for roses /blooms but anything you want flowers on) and how are you pruning them? If you prune incorrectly you will cut off the wood from which grows the new shoots that produce the flowers.
Best of luck
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10th June 2018 10:34pm
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