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leaf curl

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ranee starts with ...
a bought pome plants from your nursary They are growing well and now allof a sudden ifind leaf curl what do i do?
Please help me
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1st December 2018 8:06am
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Caleb (Staff) says...
Hi Ranee,

This could be a hard one to answer, it would help if we had some more detail to begin with. Which plants are we talking about in particular, is it old growth, new growth, systemic, isolated, what is their environment like, have they been potted on/ planted since you bought them?

I would recommend repotting if they havent been already, it could just be struggling to grow in expired media. Check for bugs/mites and any possible infestations and spray with metho/soapy water or commercial pesticides, depending on the critters.

I hope this helps, feel free to put up photos or more information and we may be able to give a more specific recommendation.

-Caleb from Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery
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Caleb (Staff)
14th December 2018 2:14pm
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