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Meyer Lemon Tree starts with ...
Hi Could you please tell me what deficiency is affecteing my Myer Lemon Tree.Ive noticed over the past month leaves were going yellow (more on the lower part of the tree) where as on the top of the tree the veins of the leaves are exaggerated along with some of the smaller fruits yellowing and dropping off.So last week I gave the tree a dose of Epsom salts and yesterday gave the tree a feed of Searles citrus fertilizer.However I noticed today that more of the leaves up top of gone even more pronunce in regards to the green veins.Help Tanja!
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Meyer Lemon Tree
19th November 2018 1:31pm
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Julie says...
A photo would be useful. Some nutrient deficiencies are hard to tell apart, eg magnesium and manganese. Best not to feed the tree till you are sure you know what it needs. This a useful site:

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Roleystone WA
20th November 2018 8:29pm
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