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Looking for citrus limetta

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Citruslimetta starts with ...

I was in Iran recently and I came across a citrus the locals called 'limoo shirin''. In India its called mousambi and the technical name is citrus limetta.

I am going crazy trying to find it. I cannot find this plant in any nursery. No Indian shops that I've been in have the fruit. I'm happy to grow it from seed and graft it onto something suitable but I cannot get seeds.

Does anyone have this plant that I could get seeds from? Or know a specific grower/nursery?

A search of this forum with citrus limetta brought up some threads but nothing that was concrete and clear.
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14th November 2017 10:28pm
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jakfruit etiquette says...
Try searching for Sweet Lime or Palestine Sweet Lime
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jakfruit etiquette
16th November 2017 11:14am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Citruslimetta
Importing citrus plant material to Australia is difficult because of the potential danger it poses to the thriving citrus industry in this country.
Being said that you can try the following U.S.A. orgs.
1. usda-ars national clonal germplasm repository for citrus and dates (ncgr)
e-mail: riv@ars-grin.gov
tel: ++951-827-4399
2. citrus clonal protection program
lindcove research and extension center
22963 carson ave.
exeter, ca 93221
e-mail: ccpp@ucr.edu
voice: (559) 429-9718

If you would like to settle for a slightly different product that's available in Australia you can try lemonade tree or sweet lime tree. Both are good for eating and juicing. In production at daleys as of today. Lemonade tree available at citrusmen nursery though sweet lime tree is out of stock at the moment.

I hope this little info will help you find the elusive limetta citrus variety.
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16th November 2017 6:31pm
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