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Loquat Flowering

    2 responses

Ben jamin starts with ...
My Loquat seedling tree is confused and flowering sparadically autum winter and summer.

I purchased a Loquat seedling in 2016, Nagasakiwase i believe.. this year it put out flowers in autumn but only on 1 side branch and produced around 20 fruits,its 1.8 meters tall has about 10 branches none of the other branches flowered. the fruits were yellow and the flesh was white with a somewhat plesant taste not the sweetest but it could be that its the first fruit and the tree still isnt established. Because my grafted Nagasakiwase fruited for the first time also and fruits were not good. Ive had them before from other trees and they are very good quality fruits.

After the first branchs fruit had ripened around mid winter suddenly 1 more branch came into flower, these feuits never developed properly however I believe because we had a light frost for only 1 day and they died. Fast forward to summer and more branches are in flower, this time 4.

Is this a normal trait of seedling trees when "coming of age" some kind of awkward growing phase they grow out of? It seems like its learning to be a adult loquat but stumbling somewhat. Or could this be a new mutation unseen by science before LOL 😁
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Ben jamin
29th November 2020 10:19am
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TareqMelb1 says...
Hi Ben,

I don't think your loquate is confused, I think it is the cultivar (Nagasakiwase) fruits twice a year in warm climates. Regarding the taste, I would forgive it if it is the first time. Also how much sun and water the plant is getting would affect the quality of the fruit. Add potash to help the process.
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30th November 2020 7:15pm
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Chad1 says...
My grafted Nagasakiwase fruited just before winter at 90cm tall, purchased form Daley's March 2019.Fruited after Winter as well

I wasn't expecting the taste to be that good the first fruiting year but they were fine and the flesh was yellow.

My problem was the tree was leaning over at a 45 degree angle so I had to cut it back above the graft. Hopefully I haven't killed it.
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1st December 2020 11:44am
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