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Melbourne - Tropical Fruit Nursery in Mulgrave

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Klokanovic starts with ...
Hello all,

I have read some posts in other form topics here regarding a nursery in Mulgrave on Police Rd that deal in tropical plants.

Whilst recently in Mulgrave I have located said nursery..on the corner of Police and Dunoon St's.

It's very impressive. I picked up a 2 meter Jaboticaba tree in excellent health.

There are many African Pride * Pink Mammoth Atemoya's (yes I know many people here say they can't be grown successfully in Melbourne...the nursery begs to differ). I also saw many Advanced Mangoes, healthy Sapodillas, Black Sapotes, Soursops, Lychees etc etc

Well worth a visit if you're in the area.
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21st March 2012 12:14pm
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Jantina says...
Thanks Klokanovic, the address is now in my book foe the next trip to Melb.
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Mt Gambier
21st March 2012 1:04pm
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