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Native ginger root

    2 responses

Steve Jones starts with ...
Hello, does anybody know where I can source Australian native ginger root in quantity? (Alpinia caerulea). If anyone has any leads please let me know. Regards, Steve
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Steve Jones
Lennox Head
20th June 2018 2:16pm
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Pademelon1 says...
While a very common plant, I think you will stuggle to find a high quantity source of the rhizome. This is because while a it is a bush tucker plant, it isn't one of the more favourable ones, and furthermore the root isn't the main used part - instead the berries and stem are.

Because it is an easily grown and common plant, it would be fairly easy to setup a decent growth quantity, but personally I don't know why you would go to that effort for this plant. Sorry I don't have any leads for you.
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21st June 2018 1:16pm
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brad16 says...
What sort of 'quantity' are you after, and do they have to be established plants?

I've purchased these as seed from AustraHort before. Seed is a cheap way of obtaining quantity in hundreds or thousands, but keep in mind that not every seed will germinate and adds an extra couple of years before obtaining established mature plants.

Of the seed purveyors I've had experience with, the following two list Aplinia caerulea as currently available.

AustraHort: https://www.austrahort.com.au/shop/product/3426-alpinia-caerulea-red-back?search=alpinia

Royston Petrie Seeds: https://rpseeds.com.au/product_order.php?id=ALPCAE

Alternatively, Daleys lists them as 'In Production' and if by 'in quantity' you mean 10 - 50 it is a more reliable, but expensive, way to get what you need.

I'm only guessing that Daley's stock will be available this coming Spring, and should be able to easily cover of order of 10 - 50.

Check out point (13.) in Daley's FAQ below:


Use the 'contact us' link there to see how they can help you with that.

Lastly, have you ever heard of Burringbar Rainforest Nursery? They don't do mail order like Daleys though, but you should know where Burringbar is if you're from the Northern Rivers region. You'd have to confirm quantities with them. If 'quantity' is to landscape a large project with 2000 plants next week, then I'm out of suggestions.
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21st June 2018 1:42pm
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