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pandanus leaves

    3 responses

sascolleen starts with ...
I have a youngish pandanus plant (2 years) and while it looks correct - I cannot smell the leaves very much. Is this normal? The most I can discern is a very slight curry smell
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Tweed Heads West
14th November 2017 8:57am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Sascolleen,
Yes that's normal. You need to bruise or crush the leaf or raked with tines of a fork to release its aroma or scent.
Here are some of the uses of pandan leaves;
1. used in curries of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Balinese and Thai cooking.
2. used in soups in Malaysian and Singaporean dishes.
3. used as wrappers in South East Asia before roasting , grilling, barbecuing or steaming chicken, pork, glutinous rice and deserts.
4. used to flavor cooked rice
5. used also to flavor drinks etc.
Those are only some of the uses. There are too many to enumerate.

Happy Gardening :-)
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14th November 2017 11:39am
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Original Post was last edited: 14th November 2017 11:40am
Kath5 says...
I used to have one, it only smelled when it needed water or if I picked a leaf and waited until it started to wilt. It was a sweet smell, a bit like jasmine rice.
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14th November 2017 10:56pm
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Prince says...
We're based in Sydney and we bought this Pandanus plant from Daley's Nursery last year. It came before Winter and it nearly died during the freezing cold nights in winter. We brought it indoor into the study and located it by the window, it loves the sunlight in its new controlled climate environment, but it almost dried up at night when we turned on the heater. It doesn't like the heat of the heater which turns the leaves yellow.

Btw, at night the distinctive aromatic pandan's fragrance drifts thru the air and fills the room...

Anyway, it survived Winter, and is now thriving outdoor in Summer. However, it has completely loss all its pandan's leaves fragrance. My wife cut 2 leaves for cooking and it does not have any fragrance even after cooking...

Can someone shared whether you might have encountered the same issue and how to resolved it?

We cannot ever plant the Panadus – Pandan Leaf plant into the ground here in Sydney cos' the Winter will kill it instantly overnight. So, planting it in pots are the only solution for us unless we've a hothouse environment.

Love to hear from you all...

Kind regards

Prince @ Sydney, Australa

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6th February 2021 4:16pm
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