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paw paw

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bucket starts with ...
I am struggling with all the info available to me online. I am wanting to set a schedule for paw paws to combat black spot and regular feeding with fertiliser. could you assist me please
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5th July 2019 8:55am
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Farouk says...
Hi Bucket,

I am guessing you are referring to Paw paw aka Papaya not Asimina triloba.

Hopefully someone else with more experience can add to this, papaya really are easy trees to grow, with black spot & disease I just hacked the tree right where the black spot is which started to occur in winter for me here in Sydney when I grew them, fertilising was easy & I had passer-bys asking if it was a real or plastic tree even the neighbours guest were asking, I just did the usual, dug a hole, put some compost in mixed with native soil, volcanic rock similar to asomite, blood & bone, maybe citrus slow release fertiliser from bunnings, mixed it all together, put the plant in, layered it with mulch (in this case chopped up fresh sugarcane leaves), free horse manure & grass clippings (everytime I cut the lawn). Water heeps in the warm season 2-3 times daily unless it rained (in the first year), second year just normal watering every couple days, depends on your soil, my on going fertilising was to just keep layering the organic matter such as mulch, keeping weed out & keep the mulch away from the base of the trunk.
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15th July 2019 11:33am
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