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Mooni says... [28 days 5hrs ago]
Hello Farouk, I am Moni from Quakers hill & would be great to connect with you personally for our common gardening interest. Would you mind sharing your mobile number? Please call my mob once if possible Regards Moni 0413973415

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Avocado leaf3 - Very nice looks like it's responded well to all the rain we've had...248 days 4hrs
Youngberry plant wont bear fruit - Hi Mike, that's odd, I guess I've been lucky as mine gave lots of fruit within 2 months from receiving it in the mail & I've even taken the self rooted plants out & planted in separate spots all flowering with very large fruit this ..306 days 0hrs
Please help looking for manihot grahamii hardy - Hi Madsunday, thanks for your generosity in making these available locally. What are some uses for Manihot Grahamii (Hardy Tapioca)? I tried to check online but didn't find what I was looking for...339 days 4hrs
Where can i buy ackee fruit tree - Hi John, How is your Ackee plant, did you end up leaving it outside in winter? Hows is it progressing this Spring? I read it could take up to -3c for a short time...353 days 6hrs
Jujube cutting - Hi John Mc, my apologies I just seen your reply! Thank you for your response, I was looking to experiment with growing any of the varieties on their own from cuttings. I now have 2 jujube trees new planted & will have my own cuttings to experim..403 days 4hrs

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Rollinia deliciosa brazilianamazon custard apple - I have a PP and a Rollinia up here in Sydney, I've noticed the Rolliinas leaves tend to dry out more than the PP so maybe it requires more humidity than the PP. I get flowers on the PP but I think it needs more size before it can hold fruit. The Rolli..Liked Answer 558 days 1hrs
Jujubes2 - I believe that the Indian Jujube - Chinee Apple - is classified as an invasive weed in Queensland so that might be an issue for people interested in growing it there. I am growing a Chinee Apple, which was sent to me by mistake, down here in Melbourne ..Liked Question 572 days 3hrs
Jujubes2 - A small fruited Jujube grows wild around townsville...Liked Answer 572 days 3hrs
Jujubes2 - The seed is sharp and dangerous for kiddies to eat as well...Liked Answer 572 days 3hrs
Oz brain killer bug - Hi there, I’m an absolute “novice” trying to grow chillies for my Indonesian wife and the plants are coming along nicely in Melbourne this summer. I have discovered something not only eating leaves but also the Chillies. This green bug or grub..Liked Answer 572 days 3hrs
Youngberry plant wont bear fruit - This youngberry plant was bought several years ago but has never produced berries. It does flower prolifically (and beautifully). I'm wondering if it needs more fertiliser or another treatment. I've tried a little bit of Thrive but am afraid to ..Liked Question 572 days 4hrs
Sudachi and kabusu - I have many large fruiting sudachi and kabosu for sale In 75litre bags. P.O.A davegrinham@gmail.com..Liked Question 578 days 3hrs
Peachcot blooming in tropical summer - Hi guys. I planted a grafted peachcot in our garden here in the Daintree, went to feed it yesterday and to my surprise had a few flowers on it. Just wondered if this is normal as it hasn’t had a chill since it was planted here about 6 months ago. ..Liked Question 578 days 3hrs
Wanted muscadine grapes - I am looking for fresh cuttings of muscadine grape varieties - please offer any variety that you may have, as they are hard to get in Australia. Many thanks ! ..Liked Question 588 days 5hrs
White sapote quotkampongquot - Hi Farouk As some reviews about lemon gold and Kampong ws, lemon gold is not as prolific fruit bearer compared to Kampong which is very prolific. It would not drop any of its fruits and i have to cull some of it because of overproduction on such a youn..Liked Answer 607 days 7hrs
White sapote quotkampongquot - Thanks. I've been lazy and using just a potting mix from Bunnings and using rock dust and organic slow release fertiliser every three months and feeding the roots with powerfeed one week and foliar feeding the other week. I'll be changing my ..Liked Answer 608 days 4hrs
White sapote quotkampongquot - Hi Phil et al Just did the much an anticipated ws kampong taste test. It's divine, creamy with a buttery texture and flavour and not overly sweet. It taste like sapodilla and custard apple but creamier with a hint of vanilla minus the strong sweetne..Liked Answer 608 days 4hrs
White sapote quotkampongquot - I bought mine 2017, and it fruited last year 2019 until now. I'm about to harvest some now and have a taste test. Fertiliser that I usually used are; Sudden Impact and Gyganic by Neutrog, or dynamic lifter with sulphate of potash. I sprinkle some Eps..Liked Answer 608 days 4hrs
White sapote quotkampongquot - Hi everyone My 3 years old grafted white sapote "Kampong" very prolific with good sized fruits from 5.5 cm and over. Can't wait to savor the first fruits of my labor 😍❤..Liked Answer 608 days 4hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - Growing Tygarah Vanilla Jackfruit Nagasake Loquat Kampong White Sapote Ice Cream Bean Miracle Berry Kary Carambola Luc's Garcinia..Liked Answer 608 days 4hrs
Cupuacu1 - I would love one of these trees.Looking for seeds'trees in Australia.Can anybody help?..Liked Answer 614 days 2hrs
Pruning davidson plum tree - Hello! My 4 Davidson plum trees are becoming very tall! They're probably 20 years old by now. They're producing fruit considerably well, but I'm wondering, what would happen if I chopped them in half? Would they sprout two trunks,..Liked Answer 616 days 4hrs
Pruning davidson plum tree - Hello Sandiola It's OK to prune back your towering Davidson plum trees about your height for easier maintenance and harvest. Once you prune them more lateral branches will grow. Among those branches select the best 3 or 4 well spaced branches f..Liked Answer 616 days 4hrs
Pruning davidson plum tree - It's so funny Farouk, I purchased this house (at an auction, within 10 minutes of seeing it!) without even knowing it had Davidson Plum trees. Seven years later, I was pottering in the front garden and there they were, scattered all over the ground! ..Liked Answer 616 days 4hrs
New lychee variety - This season I can buy Erdon Lee locally in Perth. They are being marketed as "Dragon Eggs" for $50 per kg. Now I've had them about five times I would rate the flavour as better than the typical super sweet smooth skin varieties but not as g..Liked Answer 620 days 1hrs
Fruit tree pest and diseases - hi, i need some help re fruit trees{apricot, plum,cherry,orange, nectarine all maybe 3 years old} my trees have recently developed lesions and marks on the trunks and some on the brunches i thought borers as i do have them in a old almond tree that is d..Liked Answer 620 days 1hrs
New lychee variety - Hi Trikus Thanks for the info. I have read that there are four ways to propagate lychees. 1. Seeds - selection of improved cultivars can only come from the selection of new superior seedling lychee cultivars though it will take somewhere around ten ..Liked Answer 620 days 8hrs
New lychee variety - I grow erdon lee..Liked Answer 620 days 8hrs
Grafting mango and avacdo - These are some of the grafts that were a success..Liked Answer 626 days 8hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - Hey Grant, any chance you could put me in touch with Steve? No flowers this year for my achacha and I’m encouraged by your success with Luc’s grafts!!..Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - Nice Grant. I wouldn't mind grafting some of the Luc's garcenia too. was it hard to find scion? easy to graft? I'm hoping flor flowers soon, but I'm getting leaves now and no signs of flowers yet :( might be another year to wait agai..Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - if you subtract the 6 months or so to germinate here in melb over winter they are alot younger - I date when i sow them. And they sit for a while waiting for ideal conditions to do the first set of leaves and may only get 2 flushes per year - Lucs is a be..Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - Those are two years old! They don't look much bigger than my two month old ones. These will be my biggest test of patience yet. Of note I have found that my root systems are much more advanced than my seedling's bole - all of these are already root bo..Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - Achacha's purchased from woolies in brisbane CBD today. They are advertised at $8/kg but I just realised I was charged $12.98/kg. Nevermind they were worth it!!! Cheers, Bucko...Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - would you mind posting a picture of the seedlings? I've got some Garcinia coming up out of compost and I'm pretty sure its these guys.....Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - The lenghts that some people go to for fruit is just amazing! Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - Mine look just like that they germinate just like mangosteen evenly and yes about 4 months all you do is spit the seed into a pot with 30-40% coir and the rest riversand and put it under a bench where itsll be kept from fully drying out but not to..Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - I am green! Are they sub tropical or true tropical? Can't wait to see this fruit over here in WA!?..Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - These are now my favourite fruit now grown in nth queensland in burdekin on a large plantation and for sale through harris farm look for them i am going to grow seeds if possible under right conditions see if you can get these they will be really popular ..Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - Lucky you, Murray. Here in Victoria we can't grow those delicious fruits. Next time we visit Queensland I will look out for them!..Liked Answer 627 days 2hrs
Jujubes2 - Those lucky American gardeners! They can get a lovely range of jujube trees by mail order. http://www.baylaurelnursery.com/order/clicksite.cgi?cart_id=&xm=on&ftr=Jujubes&p=Jujubes..Liked Answer 628 days 5hrs
Jujubes2 - Hi Rich, You only need one tree, they have very litle thorns or spines. You don't need to prune, it does prune itself. Mine are 8 years old and I have never pruned them. As the growing season commences, each node of a woody branch produces one to t..Liked Answer 628 days 5hrs
Jujube variety - Hi Farouk & Fruitylicious1, I just bought the plant as a small seedling, possibly from a sucker??? When I bought it I didn't know there where so many varieties as I was buying it as a suprise for my wife. I will try and hand polinate it,..Liked Answer 628 days 5hrs
Combined hive error - I am fairly novice to keeping bees. I recently purchased two single box hives (4 weeks ago) but due to bad weather conditions had only been able to get into them today. It had been my intention upon opening that I may need to add another super to each hiv..Liked Question 629 days 4hrs
Mango seeds4 - I am looking for a few Irwin, Juliet, Dwarf Hawaiian & Nam Doc Mai #4 seeds. Not having any luck. ..Liked Question 629 days 4hrs
Jujube variety - Hi wood88 Your jujube tree looks healthy from the images you have provided. So there's no is issue with water and nutrients. The main pollinators of jujube are honey bees, ants and flies, 80% of pollinating is being done by the bees. If there's..Liked Answer 629 days 5hrs
Dwarf coffee - Thanks for your reply Farouk, I am keeping an eye on it I have it on the eastern side of the house out of the hot western winds and it gets shade from about 2pm and I give it a quick shower of water every day trying to mimmick tropical afternoon rain. Its..Liked Answer 630 days 1hrs
Looking for coconut leaves and petals - Do u know one who can give or sell coconut leaves by any chance(young light colored and matured dark colored)? we have small events coming up want to make some handmade decor out of cocunut it for display of eco friendly items. Its a harvest related event..Liked Question 630 days 2hrs
Looking for purple yam dioscorea alata - Hi I'm looking for Purple Yam tubers for growing in Melbourne, scientific name Dioscorea alata. Thanks in advance!..Liked Question 630 days 2hrs
Orange trees6 - why does my orange tree have thorns and also not provide fruit into its sixth year...Liked Question 630 days 2hrs
Is this normal - Dear Farouk, in answer to your question, the species is Agapetes serpens, a shrub from the Himalayas with long arching stems and hanging red tubular flowers. It is related to Blueberries and produces edible purple fruit with sweet white flesh inside when ..Liked Answer 630 days 8hrs
Please help looking for manihot grahamii hardy - that would be last resort and probably wouldn't make it through customs. i grows in northern Australia so i still may find someone who has it. thanks anyway :)..Liked Answer 633 days 3hrs
Moring leaves yellowing - Farouk thank you. The pot is definitely well draining and the plant is well watered. Yes I do have slow release but it was added when I potted it in November. Any other suggestions?..Liked Question 633 days 3hrs
Moring leaves yellowing - Hi Jen Looks like your moringa is being attacked by powdery mildew with the white powdery spots visible on the leaves. If that's the case you can treat it with the following organic brews: 1. Baking soda; ratio-1 tbsp of baking soda, 1/2 tsp of..Liked Answer 633 days 3hrs
Grafting mango and avacdo - Hi just after a bit of advice on grafting mango and avocado I've been doing some grafting for around 3 years for mango and avocado just after a bit of advice on times of the year, I'm located New South Wales Central Coast if anybody could give m..Liked Question 634 days 5hrs
Moring leaves yellowing - Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knows what may be causing the leaves on my moringa tree to do this? This just started happening a few weeks ago. Up until then it has been doing very well and I've had the plant since October last year. Any adv..Liked Question 634 days 5hrs
Please help looking for manihot grahamii hardy - Hi I'm looking for Manihot Grahamii (Hardy Tapioca) either stem cutting or seeds. It looks similar too Cassava which it is related. It may be a weed in Brisbane and Toowoomba or maybe an ornamental. Happy to buy/swap .........have cass..Liked Question 634 days 5hrs
Dwarf coffee - Well trying to grow coffee way down south in Yass (southern highlands NSW) it has doubled in size since last jan and survived our freezing winter all though it was indoors for winter behind a north facing window (seemed very happy) although with the crazy..Liked Question 649 days 3hrs
What kind of tree - This tree is in Bicentennial park, Sydney and a ranger told me he thought it was a Macadamia. I opened up one of the 'nuts' and it has three, small, peanut-like seeds/nuts inside and they are an orangy-red with black at the fatter end. Does an..Liked Answer 649 days 3hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Those plants pictured would have been grow in a heated area! I had one a few years ago but it didn't survive winter in the foothills of the blue mtns. I got it from a grower in Cairns..Liked Answer 657 days 7hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Safu Butterfruit - Dacryodes edulis I noticed that a place in Germany has been selling the Safu plants pictured for the last few months and considering that they have been growing them right through the European winter am surprised that they have su..Liked Answer 657 days 7hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Tran we will be very interested to see if you can get the star apple to fruit in your southern climate. I had my first two fruits that had set abort in the cool and dry sub tropical winter, oh well I will have to wait another year. They are well worth g..Liked Answer 657 days 7hrs
Guava tees in melbourne - I have bought an indian guava end of september and put straight into ground. ..Liked Answer 688 days 23hrs
Guava tees in melbourne - Thanks Farouk. Cheers..Liked Answer 688 days 23hrs
Avocado tree fruit - I have an avocado tree grown from seed but I dint know what variety it is. It is well established but not fruiting. How do I create a tree that fruits? ..Liked Answer 707 days 4hrs
Cashew nut - Yeah no problems John Mc, I'll give you some. Don't forget, they're a huge spreading/sprawling tree, with thick branches that usually break and crash to the ground, and keep growing! Can you give me your postal address, thanks. My new email ad..Liked Answer 707 days 4hrs
Cashew nut - Want to sell me some seed for germination? I bought a Cashew nut seedling tree from Daley's but didn't have any luck. Apparently there's a Cashew nut tree growing at Morriset, which is within 15km's from my place. Maybe germinating them from seed in m..Liked Answer 707 days 4hrs
Cashew nut - Hey anonymous, that's "you're"...Liked Answer 707 days 4hrs
Cashew nut - My cashew nut tree is bearing like mad now, hundreds on. Touched this on yesterday, and it fell in my hand. Tasted the 'bell', tastes like a cross between a grape and a mango? Possums and wallabies love em...Liked Answer 707 days 4hrs
Cashew nut - Please advise which company/chocolate industry need cashew nut I could supply for. ..Liked Answer 707 days 4hrs
Mangoe tree not growing - Hello Everyone, i need your help in this. I transplanted my Mango tree about a month ago. My mongo tree is 1 year old. I fertilized it with organic fertilizer. And since then i have been watching it closely. It hasnt produced any of the new leaves and i..Liked Question 727 days 24hrs
Mangoe tree not growing - When you plant a tree, it doesnt always grow straight away. The tree may want time to settle and maybe start a good root system before any leaf and branch growth. You need to be more patient...Liked Answer 727 days 24hrs
Mangoe tree not growing1 - Mangoes don't like mulch hard up against the tree.... If this is so push away... I would water every 2nd day but less not more.... Growth on mangoers is usually in the spring into summer then fall they don't usually push growth each month.... As..Liked Answer 727 days 24hrs
Mangoe tree not growing1 - Hello Everyone, i need your help in this. I transplanted my Mango tree about a month ago. My mongo tree is 1 year old. I fertilized it with organic fertilizer. And since then i have been watching it closely. It hasnt produced any of the new leaves and i..Liked Question 727 days 24hrs
Texas persimmon diospyros texana - It was around some years ago, maybe try rare fruit societies to see if anyone is still growing it. Its an interesting one, but different to kaki and virginiana fruit. It seems closer to many of our wild Australian Diospyros...Liked Answer 760 days 7hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - My seedling R2E2 is doing well in the front yard. It is going through a number of flushes now. I wonder if this is the right time for them to go through a flush so that they flower at the right time to fruit next year. Hey IvePeters, how are your mang..Liked Answer 760 days 23hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - My newly planted Palmer is budding flowers i think a bit early with new growth also due to our warm May (was a new record 21 days just over 20c) - if you remove they will regrow later - a trick employed as pollination wont occur I read under 15c? try leav..Liked Answer 760 days 23hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Maryshells, your story is funny, the mango had a fruit after the owner beats it with a broom stick hahaha.. but isn't not right ? I wonder what's the explanation?..Liked Answer 760 days 23hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Haha, the broomstick? Thats a lot of work. I prefer the axe handle - more bang for your buck. The threat of having the axe out seems to scare a few plants into producing. Some plants flower best when they think they are going to die, and need to pass on t..Liked Answer 760 days 23hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - My neighbor has a huge mango tree in his back yard. They had been in the house for 15 years and never had one mango on it. Last year he has massive amounts of mangos on it and this year as well. When I asked him what he did to encourage the tree to f..Liked Answer 760 days 23hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Hello friends , I am from Bihar , India . My backyard mango flowers are also turning black and i can see flies around the upcoming fruits.. What should i do ? What do i sprinkle on these flowers..and at what interval.. ..Liked Answer 760 days 24hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Hi, thanks to Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery for setting up this forum. This is just what I need. I live in Caloundra and have a huge mango tree at the back of my house. When hubby and I moved here, we were told to get the tree pruned, as this had not be..Liked Answer 760 days 24hrs
Mamey sapote - Sounds good Denise, I'd like to see some photos of your trees...Liked Answer 763 days 4hrs
Mamey sapote - Well grown small tree at members garden last year .. Cassowary Rare Fruit . Wish one of my 2 trees would flower . Never tasted one I did not like ...Liked Answer 763 days 4hrs
Mamey sapote - Easy to tell difference. Mamey leaves are large and look a little bit like avocado leaves, but slightly furry. Sapodilla leaves are much smaller. And the fruit are 10x larger! I have lots of seedling Mamey. they are 100% germinators, but can take a lon..Liked Answer 763 days 4hrs
Late season mangoes in warm temperate climates - Sorry to start yet another thread on mangoes but I couldn't find a thread that specifically addresses this tricky issue? I am really keen to hear how others manage their late season mangoes in the lower latitudes - both pruning and feeding. For eg..Liked Question 798 days 6hrs
Drumstick trees - I grew one very well here in Bunbury, outside - to 2m. We only get very light dustings of frost 1 or 2 times in winter though. It was totally deciduous in winter and I didn't get drumsticks because it flowered too late in the season for them to form ..Liked Answer 798 days 7hrs
Mango30 - This might be some help Ibis - and I am just down the road. I have removed all my flowers because experience has shown me that the rain we get at this time of the year and into early spring - ruins pollination and can often cause fungal growth in the fl..Liked Answer 798 days 7hrs
Best varieties for maitland nsw - Hi All, Looking at planting a few different trees in the coming months. Hoping for some advice on the best varieties of the following for the maitland/Hunter region, nsw. Or if some would not be suitable to the climate. Macadamia. Pear. Blueberry. ..Liked Question 805 days 5hrs
Paw paw11 - I am struggling with all the info available to me online. I am wanting to set a schedule for paw paws to combat black spot and regular feeding with fertiliser. could you assist me please..Liked Question 805 days 5hrs
Mango30 - My Mango is starting to flower. I live in Mandurah 80km south of Perth. Should I let it flower?..Liked Question 805 days 6hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - In cabramatta in peoples back yards they got jack fruit,massive longan trees 24foot high, dragon fruit. and mangos everywer..and the soil is about 40cm of soil and pure clay..Liked Answer 846 days 4hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - Hello anonymous from sydney 18 may 2008. I think I saw a loaded tamarind tree on the fenceline on the left side of the road going from the hawkesbury river bridge to Penrith. on the 44 road I think. I didnt stop to verify it but am pretty sure. Th..Liked Answer 846 days 4hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - Hi HappyEarth, I planted the Bosworth3 (i think!). I am so envious re your sapodilla. I grew up with 2 in the backyard (in Vietnam), the fruits pretty much covered the whole tree. My dad told me that they were already fruited since he was born. We work..Liked Answer 846 days 4hrs
Real fig images - I am looking for the real image of figs not the one down load from internet. Please provide if you do have. Interested in whole fruit and cut in half. Below is a list. Thanks 1. Archipal 2. Black Genoa 3. Blue Provence 4. Brown Turkey 5. Deanna 6..Liked Question 846 days 4hrs
Mangos grown in melbourne - Hello Mark, I am in Melbourne not far from you. I have a standard kensington pride in the ground going well (second year) and will later in the year put a royal red in and give it a go. Can I ask, where you got your gomera-1 seed from. I have bee..Liked Question 846 days 6hrs
Mangos grown in melbourne - Frank - a friend imported seeds from europe a few years ago when it was easier - our plan is to try grafting KP etc to it to get earlier flushes - we ourselves are needing our seed so not able to trade as yet as is a long term project - we may have grafte..Liked Answer 846 days 6hrs
Mangos grown in melbourne - The Gomera 1 Probably the first Canary Island Mango grown in Australia and was done in Melbourne from seed ~ took 4 years ~ Small fruit but with Excellent flavour and low fibre although expected it to be turpy & fibrous ~ we were hoping it could be m..Liked Answer 846 days 6hrs
Fig tree cuttings - Hi Peter do you have any fig cuttings available at the moment? thanks..Liked Answer 872 days 0hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - Some photos..Liked Answer 874 days 3hrs
How to fill the soil space - Hi Farouk, Your pot size looks reasonable when the plant is young and you can grow as many as in one pot. However, When all the plants grow larger then the size of the pot is not big enough to provide nutrients for all the plants at once. You need to w..Liked Answer 878 days 3hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - Nice looking tree Bspargo, mine is in the ground and just a little bigger than yours... still no sign of flowers. I was hoping to see some action this season. Btw does anyone know what time of year they do flower?..Liked Answer 971 days 5hrs
Casimiroa tea white sapote tea - I have heard of white sapote seeds having some toxicity. I would be cautious about drinking a lot of tea from the leaves...Liked Answer 971 days 5hrs
Casimiroa tea white sapote tea - Hi Farouk, So I have consulted the brain trust here, and nobody has heard of Casimiroa tea. While we are primarily an edible plants nursery, we know how bad things can get if you eat the wrong thing, so we don't encourage experimentation without sound..Liked Answer 971 days 5hrs
Which fruit trees can be grown in - In the subtropics I'm finding the two best performers in clay to be Panama Berry and Ice-cream bean. Mango is also supposed to tolerate it and they are everywhere, so I'm planting that next. Sesbania is another good one - not a fruit per se, but is some..Liked Answer 977 days 6hrs
Inga bean cutting - Yes they are very simple and fast growing from cutting. I grew some from stem pieces I had cut and had been lying around for a few days. Just stuck them in the dirt and they grew......so easy!..Liked Answer 980 days 2hrs
Panache fig tree - Hi would you like to share any cuttings?? im really looking for these figs around sydney area. ..Liked Answer 990 days 3hrs
Paw paw - Hey Gregory, have you ever tried white sapote (casimiroa)? Flavour of the month here atm, prob too hot for you guys but well worth growing, half the reason I moved up here from Victoria is to grow them. ..Liked Answer 999 days 2hrs
Carambola starfruit frost limit - Hello I have a starfruut plant that I have had roughly a year but having issues with keeping leaves on. I have attached a picture of some leaves to see if someone here could possibly help with fixing the problem. I live in southern Ontario Canada and it i..Liked Question 999 days 2hrs
Carambola starfruit frost limit - Hello I have a starfruut plant that I have had roughly a year but having issues with keeping leaves on. I have attached a picture of some leaves to see if someone here could possibly help with fixing the problem. I live in southern Ontario Canada and it i..Liked Answer 999 days 2hrs
Carambola starfruit frost limit - I'm growing a grafted Katy carambola just south of Wollongong. It''s just over two years old in a 30 L pot and is doing fine. It loses it's leaves in October and they come back in November...Liked Answer 999 days 2hrs
Do you know - Why? do you like Furry Dolmades? ..Liked Answer 1035 days 6hrs
Youngberries - Help somebody, is this a youngberry ? Purchased about three years ago in Kyogle they did no good at first planting so I replanted them beside a five foot high retaining wall (they face north) and they have flourished there, sending out long canes of seve..Liked Answer 1179 days 2hrs
Pistachio1 - Bought some fresh pitashio seeds from fruit shop in Bondi Junction. Will try to sprout them in the greenhouse...Liked Answer 1301 days 8hrs
Acha cha fruit seeds - Farouk - They germinate quite easily in well draining mix - no need to put in tissue etc - they can take a while depending on warmth etc - mine took 6 months - my lemon drops also - so be patient - happy gardening..Liked Answer 1330 days 6hrs
Lady finger banana transplanting - Hi Jesse, Banana plants come back well. I'm not a banana professional but I had a dozen or so in my orchard until last Spring. Winter 2017 was very dry. Virtually no rain for 3 months or so and I did my best to be able to keep enough water up to my or..Liked Answer 1348 days 3hrs
Lady finger banana transplanting - Hi Jesse You don't need any special treatment to your banana corm wounds. Bananas are very tough and forgiving herbs. What they hate is being left to dry, frost , windy sites and planted alone in an exposed area. If you are planning to plant it in the ..Liked Answer 1348 days 3hrs
Lady finger banana transplanting - Hi there, I’m new here, first post. I have a small lady finger banana plant that friend wanted removed. The original plant was cut down by and this is the regrowth. I tried to get as much root as possible, but I’ve had shoulder surgery a fe..Liked Question 1348 days 3hrs
What plant is this4 - Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me identify this plant. My son and his fiance recently purchased a house in Adelaide and this plant came up, it had small purple flowers followed by chilli like fruit (they smell like chillies when cut in Half) Does..Liked Question 1348 days 3hrs
What plant is this4 - Thanks so much for that. I had a search around on the internet and came to the same conclusion, that it is a kangaroo apple and I told my son to wait until very ripe to try it. Has to be dropping off the tree before you can eat it. thanks for your he..Liked Answer 1348 days 3hrs
Banana passionfruit - Hi Culebra - what do u feed yours etc? I'm not having much luck with them - I think it may b too hot here? I love them - there's never enuf' pulp in a p'fruit 4 me - so these guys could satisfy my addiction in the interim!..Liked Question 1348 days 4hrs
Thai chilli not thriving - Hi Farouk It's also beneficial now to apply Epsom salt to your solanaceae family veggies. It really work wonders. It greatly help to improve flowers and fruit production and assist plants to become greener and bushier. Just follow manufacturer's specs bu..Liked Answer 1368 days 5hrs
Avocado identity - Farouk - the Palmer was just ok - sort of 3/4 ripe - but hey Palmers are usually avail in Feb - so was mine early or late??? Your Sapodilla seedling could take 8 to 10 years Vs a grafted one like mine above - Daleys had some Prolifics but price went up $1..Liked Answer 1368 days 5hrs
What to grow alongside a fig should - Hi all, We've recently moved into our house in Southeast Sydney and would appreciate some advice regarding whether we should keep the fig you can see in the pictures. If we do, what fruit trees if any could be grown on either side - pomegranate and manda..Liked Question 1369 days 4hrs
Avocado identity - Farouk - i was actually just having a lend of you - i always engrave the seed avo type on the cut top of the seed - if your only buying supermarket avos they will be a hybrid of say Hass and a pollinator - been discussed here alot already. Mangos wont set..Liked Answer 1370 days 1hrs
Thai chilli not thriving - You're overwatering and over fertilizing it. You are killing them softly with too much love. Ease on watering and fertilizing a bit. Monitor the water. Just give them a drink when they are about to go dry . With fertilizer follow the manufacturers specs. ..Liked Answer 1370 days 1hrs
Plant id please diospyros nigra - Wow you're good, you know what I totally forgot I actually had a store brought Sapodilla a few months ago I totally forgot that I planted a seed out! Wow well done! is there a fireworks button here somewhere ? I am 10x more excited now hoping it is..Liked Answer 1370 days 1hrs
Red bisexual papaya - Maybe paint some copper-oxy fungicide onto that sick one and may help that internal rot?..Liked Answer 1370 days 1hrs
Red bisexual papaya - It looks like it got too much water during winter and begun to rot. There is a good chance it will not survive this. But remember they are a short lived fast growing plant anyway so starting again with a new plant will not tke long. They will always ge..Liked Answer 1370 days 1hrs
Passionfruit passiflora foetida red - I think it dies off completely but as it is so prolific there are bound to be fruit which drop and sprout the following season. ..Liked Answer 1370 days 1hrs
Passionfruit passiflora foetida red - Hello Phil, Thank you for the details that's very nice, sounds like it has an interesting taste, I have got a tiny lil one sprouted now & has about 5 small leaves on it. When you say it dies off in winter, does that mean you need to reseed it or doe..Liked Answer 1370 days 1hrs
Passionfruit passiflora foetida red - I hope you enjoy the fruit, they are very prolific in their second season and you should have them forever once they start dropping. They taste different to regular passionfruit, I'll be interested in your opinion...Liked Answer 1370 days 1hrs
Honey gold mango - Some say with mangos, the earliest shoot is true to type and so you should discard the rest, whilst the others say the opposite. You might need to keep both to be on the safe side. ..Liked Answer 1379 days 1hrs
Honey gold mango - I ate my first honey gold today from woolworthes and wow what a delicious mango it is! I'm going to try grow one from seed, I'm just not sure if I can find some more space in my yard :-D..Liked Answer 1379 days 1hrs
Red bisexual papaya - Hi Farouk, I have grown Papaya for a few years now in Sydney and in my opinion its just not worth it. The fruit take too long to ripen and ususally hang on over winter and the taste is average when this happens...Liked Answer 1397 days 4hrs
Plant id please diospyros nigra - I would say at a rough guess it is a Sapodilla...Liked Answer 1397 days 6hrs
Carambola starfruit frost limit - Hello Fruitylicious, thanks for all the details very experienced sounds like, I usually am pretty keen to find it out by giving it a go also. Unfortunately I have sort of run out of ground space to plant it at my parents place where my tiny little fruit f..Liked Answer 1397 days 6hrs
Carambola starfruit frost limit - Hi Farouk, We grow a grafted carambola in Sydney, its 3 years old and bounces back each spring after dropping its leaves usually in October just before growing new ones. Lowest temps I have seen here are around 2 - 3 degrees and we dont get frost...Liked Answer 1397 days 6hrs
Carambola starfruit frost limit - Yes, you can grow carambola in Melbourne in the open. They can take light frost especially the Kary variety. But getting them to fruit is extremely difficult in the open because they need a long warm growing season to set fruit. Even in Sydney if the autu..Liked Answer 1397 days 6hrs
Soursop2 - Hi Farouk, we are also in Sydney and we grow a fare bit of tropical fruit. My Rollinia tree is about 2m tall and has about 100 flowers on it this spring so I am hoping for our first fruits. We also have a 3 year old soursop but it lives in a small hea..Liked Answer 1397 days 19hrs
Surinam cherry brazilian cherry - That's a very small tree for it's age. At 4 years it should be close to shoulder height in Sydney and flowering and fruiting. Mine's only six years old and has been fruiting for 3 of them and over 6 feet high. Actually up till now, the flowers and frui..Liked Answer 1404 days 5hrs
Pistachio1 - Thanks for reminding me. I am waiting for Harris farm to have fresh seeds to sprout...Liked Answer 1405 days 1hrs
Fig panache tiger - Hello Farouk, it is a long time and I would have expected it to grow already, but there is still a chance it will make it...Liked Answer 1415 days 13hrs
Jaboticaba4 - I just went out and had a close check again with the torch. It has one large cauliflower, and a number (at least a dozen) protrusions from the trunk and lower branches which I am presuming will turn into flowers. It is interesting as it has a sore at ..Liked Question 1454 days 3hrs
Jaboticaba4 - How long does it usually take for a Jabot to flower usually? Mine has a few cauliflowers afer only 6-8 months in the ground, and no larger, but a little sturdier, than those you usually find at bunnings etc. Is this normal? My only real experience with..Liked Answer 1454 days 3hrs
Avocado identity - thats like trying to tell if a Wild Duck was born in NSW or Victoria - just graft something you know onto it?? Oh also spring wont even begin here for real till after 21st Sept :)..Liked Answer 1475 days 4hrs
Rare fruit in maket - fwoooar! Look at those mangosteen and (langsat?). 2.50$ for eight....I'd probably pitch a tent outside the stall...Liked Answer 1476 days 2hrs
Rare fruit in maket - Mike, I picked small because I had no-one to share with, the Mrs tried her best a couple of times, I admired her willingness, and I wasn't going to waste any. I checked the fruit stem knuckle for the clean break before buying. This pic might be a better ..Liked Answer 1476 days 2hrs
Rare fruit in maket - I posted this on my FB page while in Indo: OK, for those of you that are Durian inadequate. Pic 1 is the fruit itself. The spines are as hard and as sharp as they look, like steel. One of these could have fallen on my head yesterday when I was looki..Liked Answer 1476 days 2hrs
Rare fruit in maket - They are close to D.zibethinus and seeds were sent overseas where they could be more secure...Liked Answer 1476 days 2hrs
Unhappy miracle berry plant - Hello All, Getting excited for the growing season here, seeing all the trees waking up from their hibernation with all their little buds & flowers, bees all around & my bird pairs are being all cute together. 1 thing that is't thriving right now is ..Liked Answer 1491 days 3hrs
Unhappy miracle berry plant - It looks good to me for this time of year. Remember they are an acid loving plant so need a fertiliser made for azalea, but with slow release already in it you dont want to over feed it -only feed if the slow release timing is over. SOMETIMES they do bett..Liked Answer 1491 days 3hrs
Growing fig from seed - Not only will it be slow, but you may not get any fruit at all. Seedling figs are too variable to bother with, in my experience. If you don't mind watering and caring for a tree that may never fruit, by all means do it for curiosity. ..Liked Answer 1491 days 3hrs
Growing fig from seed - Can't agree with that Julie. Fruit is as fundamental to plants as noses are to people. Sometimes someone is born without one, but it doesn't happen often enough to make it worth worrying about. Pollination of figs occurs internally, so it is likely th..Liked Answer 1491 days 3hrs
Growing fig from seed - I have some self grown seedlings of a Fig here. Of 10 that fruit, 5 are no good, ie poor fruit, with rare ok fruit set. The other 5 are nice, fairly similar to the parent, but never exact. Some more wild figs may be good from seed, so what type are yo..Liked Answer 1491 days 3hrs
Unhappy miracle berry plant - Looks to be in need of iron, but hard to tell without a closeup of the leaf. Can you post one?..Liked Answer 1493 days 6hrs
Pistachio1 - I had no luck buying Pistashio seeds this season. Anybody have any seedling trees to sell/swap in Sydney? Really need 2 female and 1 male tree. ..Liked Answer 1496 days 24hrs
Panache fig tree - True boris, but credit given where due.I agree with the sugar cube comment--personally I prefer complexity over sweetness in all fruits. I hear a lot of the Greek varieties are spectacular. I have many from Europe, mostly italy and spain...Liked Question 1517 days 1hrs
Rambutan2 - Up near Byron Bay yes they have been successful, in Fairfield I can't see it happening...Liked Answer 1600 days 8hrs
Rambutan2 - Farouk-Go to Cabramatta when they have fresh ranbutans for sale and soak the seeds in paper towel..I did it last year and had 5 seedlings..Unfortunately it all died over winter..We can never get rambutans to fruit in sydney so I was doing it for fun..and ..Liked Answer 1600 days 8hrs
Pink guava bareroot - you have done well so far. When i transplant during summer i have learnt that keeping the plant well hydrated, (not soggy soil) and keeping them in she shade for a week and gently ease it into a spot where it gets gentle morning and evening sun and then w..Liked Answer 1652 days 6hrs
Passionfruit passiflora foetida red - I have the yellow/orange variety naturalising itself here, and if you soak the seed overnight prior to sowing you should get some to germinate, however spring is probably the most ideal time to get them started. I like the flavour, reminds me more of a co..Liked Answer 1676 days 6hrs
Jaboticaba growers take heart - That's nice dirt in your neighbours paddock tho sternus..? They don't seem to like sandy soils nearly as well, over here in the west..? I wonder if that's why the suffer so much here.... Mine are in gorgeous rich loam now - that I have added lots o..Liked Answer 1768 days 1hrs
Jaboticaba growers take heart - Mine flowered for the first time this year and I am in Gippsland which is about an hour east of Melbourne. It is only about 5 years old and is growing in a large pot. I did this because I saw one growing very well in a pot at Perrys nursery a few years ag..Liked Answer 1768 days 1hrs
Help identify forgotten seedplant - It looks like something in the pea family...Liked Answer 1768 days 1hrs
Germinating seeds - With Annonas direct plant most species like soursop,sugar apple,bullocks heart,atemoya(not true to type) or put them in a clip lock bag with breathing holes and moistened media.For ilama,morolo,asimina,,A.spraguei,Duguetias and a few others GA treatment h..Liked Answer 1985 days 14hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - Hi Tony and others, tropical plants are doing better here recently perhaps due to global warming. Outside in the ground or barrels are; Cherimoya, Mango dwarf, Green sapote, Mamey sapote, Surinam cherry, Phoenix raspberry, Rio grande cherry, Garcinia..Liked Answer 2778 days 2hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - Hi Rich, I've have had success with Bosworth3 lychees, logan (Kola?), the fruits are excellent and seeds are small... they are definitely more superior than the ones sold in Woolies!). Last year my cherimoya finaly fruited, it took five long years..Liked Answer 2778 days 2hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - For those of us who don't know the names of fruit in photos enclosed: Pic 1: Red Cherry guavas Pic 2: Wax Jambu Pic 3: Guavas (white flesh) Pic 4: Feijoas Pic 5: Custard Apples Tony..Liked Answer 2778 days 2hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - Wow, Ive planted a penut butter tree, thought I was being a bit hopeful to get fruit, but you give me hope! Im down near jervis bay. We get got frosts here. Also have a black sapote. And Im going to get a lychee, logan, and whatever else I can find. Have..Liked Answer 2778 days 2hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in sydneywollongongnewcastle3 - Hi Rich, Wax Jambu grown in Sydney does not taste as nice or sweet as of South East Asian varieties. It's however tastier & bigger than lillie pillies. They grow in bundles of about 5-10 fruit each with spectacular pink-red colour when ripened. Whe..Liked Answer 2778 days 2hrs
Buying dragonfruit cuttings - I saw some nice lau lau at go green rainforest nursery up rthe Sunshine Coast last week.....Liked Answer 2792 days 2hrs
Buying dragonfruit cuttings - Thanks BJ, I owe you one. Managed to pick one up from them delivered, not cheap, but I'm just happy to have it in my collection :D Now to try for that mountain apple... This hobby is starting to become something like an addiction... s..Liked Answer 2792 days 2hrs
Rainbow eucalyptus - Farouk if you search ebay, there is a seller who stocks rainbow eucalyptus. The seeds and postage are quite cheap. s..Liked Answer 2792 days 2hrs
Avocardo variety - HI I live in Westbrook just outside of Toowoomba, QLD. the site I would like to grow an avo on is sloping. What would be the best small variety for this region ..Liked Question 2807 days 3hrs
Noni seedling - Hello, How long does a Noni Seedling take to fruit from seed ? (as I have some Noni Seeds), also does anyone know if the Noni Fruit plant sold here http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/plant/Noni-Fruit.htm is grafted or seeding & how long it will take approx ..Liked Answer 2810 days 7hrs
Noni seedling - Farouk, with Noni, it depends on how fast you can get them to grow in your climate without going crazy with fertiliser etc. In NQ and down to Mackay, seedlings about 2yo are about 900mm to 1200mm high and will start fruiting at about that size. Mostly, I ..Liked Answer 2810 days 7hrs
Sick peach - I would use a flashlight to look inside scratch bark for signs of borers/termites .The other thing it could have "dead arm virus"..Liked Answer 2838 days 22hrs
Sick peach - Tree looks ok, the bad areas look like wounds, not sure what, physical damage or infection ?? I would cut the dead branches off, but leave a bit in front of the live growth. Also I would paint the wounds, and cut surfaces with a copper oxy chloride past..Liked Answer 2838 days 22hrs

Brazilian Cherry - Black Beauty (Grafted) 5/10

Farouk's Edible Fruits
Update: 896 days 5hrs

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Very exciting moment when my wife told me to crouch down just at the moment I was complaining about my Black Surinam Cherry not fruiting yet & behold a large beautifully ripe Surinam Cherry I just tapped it very gently with my palm & came off all by itself. The skin was not too pleasant, the inner fruit alone is sweeter than red but still has sort of a weird sourish taste but I don't mind having it in the handful best fruit still, I grew it right ? The 2 large seeds looked like they were about to germinate so I put them into a seed soil pot. Looking forward to many more in future.

I wouldn't be growing these for flavour but rather for uniqueness, the common cherry is miles more delicious on a whole different level of delicious, all leaves fell off in cooler season & new growth shot up quickly late winter early spring as well as flowers in spring, the red does not loose many leaves in winter but the black lost them all pretty much, the red I have in the ground where the black is in a large pot not sure if that makes the difference ? Also the new growth made new leaves on tip growth similar to fig but didnt make leaves in the older wood although there are buds there just no shoots yet still spring though, maybe when it gets warmer.

Fruiting Months September, October, November

Height 60 Centimetres

Growing: In a Pot

Qty: 1

Fruit Harvest: 1 Fruit Per Year

First Fruited: 1 Years from purchase in pot

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Pollination: Self Pollination

Fertiliser or Organics Used: Volcanic Rock Dust

When I Fertilise: Yearly and Spring

Pest Control: None, not required yet.

Organic Status:Organic

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