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CW starts with ...
Hi, has anyone grown peonies (tree varieties or Herbaceous varieties). I was in the UK a few years ago and saw some amazing peonies in various gardens.

I live in Sydney so not sure if it's too warm to grow.

Any advice as to where I can buy peonies and whether anyone has grown peonies with success?

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8th May 2013 4:30pm
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epiphany_ says...
Google brings up several peony growers in Australia (search for "peony au"...several suppliers in Australia are on the front page).

My uncle grows them for commercial supply in NZ & they definitely do better in colder climates, as they require quite a bit of chilling to flower. But he was telling me last time I saw him that they do grow quite well over here in Vic & Tas...it's just that the market is quite insular & the varieties avail in Australia tend not to be as varied as in other countries.

I remember reading somewhere about people up near Sydney putting ice on the shoots to help simulate a frost so they'd flower. So that might work? If you do decide to try them, remember that the first year they tend to sulk a bit as they're getting established. So don't be put off if they appear to die back.
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9th May 2013 11:04am
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Nick T says...
Bunnings stores down here stock 2 packs of perennial peonies every winter with the other bulbs :)
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Nick T
Altona, VIC
9th May 2013 4:24pm
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Phil@Tyalgum says...
Tree peonies would do better in Sydney than the herbaceous species, although there are a few desert dwellers from North America which may do ok, hard to find but I think Woodridge Nurseries in Tassie sometimes stock them. I grew tree peonies for many years in Central Victoria, they are well worth the extra bucks you pay once they are established, but are totally deciduous and do like some chill < 7c.
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10th May 2013 6:47pm
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Stephen James says...
Hi, inteflora has a pretty good blog post about growing and caring for Peonies. Well worth a look https://www.interflora.com.au/blog/post/growing-peonies-to-perfection

Cheers and happy gardening
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Stephen James
South Melbourne
31st August 2017 10:48am
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