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pistachio nuts

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pistachio nuts starts with ...
I have 2 female pistachio nuts and 2 male pistachio nut trees. there was 10 kg of nuts but only half got nuts in them,i notice the ones you buy in shops are all split with the nut coming through opening the shell.Mine dont do this and not really fill out,i left them on the tree till they were dropping but not filling out in shell and only half have nuts,do i need a diferent variety or feed them or more water .But even when wet years still not filling out nut.Trees are all close together for good pollination also.Thanks
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15th June 2013 7:46pm
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Phil@Tyalgum says...
I know that variety which splits when ripe is a one-off genetic abnormality which was cashed in on some years back for ease of extraction. Most cultivars have a fully enclosed kernel, and bees, although swarming over the male flowers for the pollen, are not attracted to female flowers. They are wind pollinated so depending on how close they are will determine your crop. A lot of nuts are blank anyway even in commercial plantations.
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16th June 2013 11:35am
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