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Plum type

    2 responses

Pier starts with ...
Hi,we have a Satsuma blood plum in our back garden in Melbourne.
It is highly prolific but we don't really consider it a 'blood plum'.
We are both in our fifties and remember, when we grew up in the 70's and 80's in Melbourne, a variety of plum found in our backyards that had large fruits, red to purple skin and flesh, very soft, very sweet, mid to late summer maturing, and its pulp/juice would strongly stain immediately any clothes.
It was also grew into sizeable trees and was hardy.
We have looked for this variety both can't seem to find anything that resembles it.I have asked people around, and people our age also remember it from when they were growing up, but no-one seems to have it anymore.
Do you know what the variety was, why it seems so hard to find, and if anyone sells it anymore?
Many thanks
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7th August 2019 11:22pm
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David01 says...
Hi Pier,

May be you are looking for Elephant Heart plum. It's the old style and was rated as a king of blood plum. It is on sale at Hello Hello plant in Thomastown for $19.95 for a bare root. Cheers

Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1
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8th August 2019 1:03pm
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brad16 says...
Hi Pier, I agree with your Satsuma opinion. I also grew up as a young child with a blood plum tree, as you describe. I used to climb it and gorge myself ... YUMMM!!!

Have a look at Mariposa. There are a few blood plum varieties, so it may be a bit hit-and-miss until you find the exact one you're after.

I LOVE plums in general, but flavoursome bloods are my favourite. Mariposa was very common in the 70's but some of the others I really enjoy are:


I'm only guessing Mariposa is the one you remember, based on your description and its popularity for the era.

Satsuma and Ruby, in my opinion, are lighter and tend to be more 'intermediate' blood/golden plums.

I tried getting Iluka and Yarrahapinni trees up and going, but have not had any success with them yet, so can't comment on either.
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8th August 2019 1:34pm
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