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Potted Lemon Tree Problem

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aliciamaria starts with ...
Hi all,

I was hoping to get some help with an issue on my lemon tree please. Over the past few days the top third of the leaves seem to be drooping and recently I've discovered the inside of some of the leaves are turning a deep green colour. One just fell off while I was trying to take a photo. Does anyone know what could be happening?

Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2

Picture: 3

Picture: 4
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Sydney 2031 NSW Australia
30th May 2022 8:55am
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jakfruit etiquette says...
It Mite Be Thrips......
The lemons look silver, that is usually due to mites or thrips. Some of the foliage looks like mite/thrip damage, Dark green normal and light green where they have attacked.
The folded leaves on the top look like the leaves have structurally collapsed due to the pests.
The lower part of the plant looks ok.
If you inspect under the leaves and along the veins you may see tiny larvae ??
For an indoor plant, you could probably carefully wipe down every leaf to get the larvae off.
The pest might moult in the pot mix, then come back in a cycle. It is best to repeat treatment.
Please research treatments yourself, some people use soap sprays, but you need to treat the undersides of the leaves to get the larvae.
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jakfruit etiquette
31st May 2022 11:50am
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AlbertoLondero says...
Hello, I suppose that to date we must have found the solution for this problem in your lemon. Or I hope so. Anyway, it seems important to highlight that what it says about the leaves of a more intense color is very strange. I think that what is really happening is that the leaves are losing their true color, and they are beginning to move on to a light green, this makes it seem that some areas of the leaves seem of a more intense green. Yellowing may be due to several factors, such as lack of nutrients, irrigation deficiency.

Another problem can be the lack of iron on the ground. One of the most notorious symptoms of this problem is that the leaves become yellow at the same time that their veins become green. I would like to see more photos of how I was evolving. I hope you could solve the problem.

Anyway, I leave this article where many other problems are thoroughly analyzed that limits in pot. https://thegardenplants.com/pests-diseases/problems-growing/lemon-trees-pots/
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Colonia Caroya,5223,Cordoba
22nd February 2023 6:44am
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