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Problem Apricot Tree Suckers

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Beth starts with ...
Apricot Tree Suckers - Please can anyone help ?
I have 2 Apricot trees and continually keep sending out suckers - it has now got to the stage that I should either remove the trees if I can't get control of the suckers.
Pruning them, digging them out does not work, does anyone have another solution!!
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10th May 2008 10:14pm
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Carla says...
Try using black plastic. Place the plastic right around and as close to the trunk as possible. If your tree is large extend the plastic out at least 1 metre making sure there are no soil gaps in the plastic area.
Because the plastic is covering most of the watering area, you'll need to tapper the soil under the plastic area towards the trunk or place a dripper line in the trunk area. By placing the plastic on top of the soil it should stop the suckers reaching for the light
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Hogarth Range
11th May 2008 1:14pm
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