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Question about Propagation

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Tola starts with ...
Can a bread fruit tree grow aptly from stem/branch cutting?
I bought one from an old far neigbours farm here in Edo State, Nigeria.
I planted it on a lateral soil during the rainy season just 5days ago. When will I see the first new shoot?
Should I keep faith in if that it will grow?
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6th July 2017 5:59am
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Manfred says...
I don't like your chances but it's worth trying. There seems to be a bit of genetic variation in breadfruits and some can be propagated by methods that don't work for others.

In ideal conditions in a hot wet season you might see shoots after about a weekandahalf and roots could form around about then. Or they might not.

Try to get a root cutting or a sucker. If the parent doesn't sucker you are more likely to have success with a cutting.

Is "e;lateral soil"e; a typo for laterite? If so, keep it well watered at all times. It will probably need some sort of shade structure too.
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6th July 2017 9:13pm
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