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Rasberries covered with Windbreak - Tasmania

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toddandrh starts with ...
Hi All,

Hoping someone might be able to give me some advice.

I have grown Raspberries with quite some success for about the past 5 years (70kg in 1 season).

However, where I live in Tassie can be VERY windy for considerable periods of time.

I have purchased Wind Break to enclose them, but I am worried it will not provide enough sun to produce as they have in the past.

Should I cover all over, or just the sides and leave the roof? The Wind Break is effectively the same as green Shadecloth, with a larger diamater hole.

Any help would be appreciated.

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OATLANDS 7120 TAS Australia
13th February 2021 10:25pm
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jakfruit etiquette says...
If the wind break fabric has a larger diameter hole, the % shade factor will be lower. Some protection nets are 20% shade or 30% shade. Horticulture shade cloths are usually 50%, 70% or 80%
White net or shade cloth will have a lower % shade factor than black net or cloth. Green is inbetween.
You should be able to find out the % shade of the cloth you have.
From what you are saying, side walls might be enough ?
Also you might consider the direction of your rows of raspberries, do they get sun all day, or is one side shaded in morning or afternoon.
The direction of your rows and structure will influence sun and shade.
Also trellising will alter sun penetration.
Look at sun trap designs in Permaculture.

Enclosed with net roof offers better protection from birds and pests, and the shape can protect the net from strong wind damage.
I am in a hot climate, not sure about Tasmania.
What are other people doing in your area ??
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jakfruit etiquette
gotham city,3000,Vic
16th February 2021 9:07am
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