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Tony starts with ...
Could someone help me with obtaining tropical fruit tree "e;Eleocarpus Serratus"e; Sri lankan nane Veralu.
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Currambine 6028 WA m
9th May 2018 9:59am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Tony

Not much is known in Australia about Elaeocarpus Serratus aka Veralu. I have only read about it in a couple of articles at Sub-Tropical Fruit Club of Queensland Inc. One member is trying to obtain a plant or a seed way back 2008. If the seeker managed to obtain and nurtured a Veralu 12 years ago it will be fruiting by now. I think it's worth e-mailing or calling the Fruit Club of Queensland if any of their members were able to grow E.Serratus to maturity. They might part some of their precious specimen if you ask them nicely.

Another likely source is a seed company named www.rarepalmseeds.com it's listed in their catalogue at 6.10 euros for a packet of ten seeds. Do your research first if the seeds are allowed to be imported to OZ.

A third source is probably the Tropical Botanical gardens of Darwin or Cairns. They might have it in their vast collection of tropical trees from other countries. Give them a ring and inquire about the fruiting times of the veralu tree and if you can acquire some seeds from them.

Happy Gardening and a joyful veralu hunting :-)
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11th May 2018 7:22pm
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Original Post was last edited: 11th May 2018 7:31pm
brad16 says...
'Ceylon Olive' (Elaeocarpus serratus) is listed on the Western Australian quarantine list as a host to Spiraling White Fly. You will have some quarantine red tape to go through, unless you find it somewhere in WA.

I've seen it discussed and mentioned, but haven't heard of anyone who claims to have it in Australia.
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11th May 2018 11:19pm
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