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Seedless Paw Paw Tree

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Seedless Paw Paw starts with ...

We have planted a paw paw seed one year ago, as a result the tree has grown over 2.5 meters tall. It is full at present with fruit, and just recently we have eaten one two that have little or no seeds. However the taste of the red flesh is sweet and delicious. If we get a couple of seeds from the fruit, will it produce the same results, again after drying etc?
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Seedless Paw Paw
25th May 2016 7:54pm
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allybanana says...
My best guess is second generation seedlings could be the same have more seeds and maybe some would have less seeds depending on the genes at play. Definitely worth a try, there is also a slight chance seedlings may also cross pollinate with the original and the original may get more seed. I would be interested to know does your tree produce male flowers? are there other paw paw trees close by?, as sometimes lack of pollination reduces seed count.

If you want to keep the original trait in new trees you can also clone the original, Paw paw grow well from cuttings use a section of stem or a branch just let the wound dry over and plant in very well draining potting mix or soil to avoid rot. Sounds interesting, have fun it looks like your plant is loaded.
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3rd June 2016 7:30pm
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denise1 says...
Some papaya lines can unfortunately lose vigor/ productivity after going through repeated generations grown by cuttings. It has been noted in marginal subtropical areas that the first season at least can have very low seed setting. Any exceptionally high producing plants should be saved.
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auckland NZ
6th June 2016 2:32pm
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Wilkie says...
Hi I have a tree that came from what I suspect as fruit bat droppings. I replanted it and it has thrived and produces a lot of fruit with no seed. And is throwing extra branches as the fruit from the top starts to lessen.
I have another tree that was male from a similar source that came 6 months after the first tree. Plenty of flowers but no fruit. I thought I would try to change its sex because a tree with no fruit was no good to me because of limited space.
All the research I found nothing seemed to work'
So I decided to try something radical, I drilled small holes into the trunk near the top about double depth of a seed I then placed a seed in each hole. All of the stems with flowers in the lower part of the trunk fell off. I thought I may have killed it but guess what, it started to bear fruit
Quite different from the other tree. They are in close proximity to each other and I do have bees.
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30th November 2018 11:47am
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