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Seedless Pawpaw

    2 responses

Lexxie starts with ...

I have a pawpaw tree from Daley's and it's started baring large fruits. They seem to take forever to rippen.

I cut one that was somewhat yellowish open and there were no seeds inside. What could be causing that? The fruit was pretty bland in taste as well.

Also, can the fruits be picked green and ripened inside?

I saw the video about the black spot fungus and I think some of the earlier fruits were infected. I will use the advice from that video.


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2nd June 2018 5:40pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Lexxie

I think Wyong, NSW is not the optimum place to grow and harvest ripe pawpaw to its full potential. For best result carica papaya are best planted where the yearly temperature averages between 20C-30C, below this ave temp for prolonged period of time will cause the fruit to ripen very very slowly and the resulting taste of the fruit to say the least will be disappointing. A greenhouse will extend the growing period most especially the heat needed to ripen the fruit properly during the cooler months.

If you want to ripen them inside the house, it's best to harvest them when they are 10-15% ripe (1 or 2 yellow stripes with 10-15% yellow surface shell surrounded by a bright green color)

Usually the lack of seeds in female papaya didn't received pollen from a male counterpart.

Happy gardening :-)
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3rd June 2018 11:11am
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denise1 says...
Quite often the symptoms of slow ripening, poor flavour and seedlessness are due to cooler than optimum conditions for pawpaws. Do you have a better position for them? Perhaps you could find local strains that may perform better for your area.
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auckland NZ
3rd June 2018 7:19pm
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