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Should I prune or lop my avocado tree

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tbrookes starts with ...
I'm seeking advice on how to care for my avocado tree. It is ~6 metres tall and full of fruit. I'm concerned that some branches may snap as it appears quite old but don't know how to tell or what to do to take care of it. Any advice appreciated! Thankyou
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10th January 2019 11:53pm
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Caleb (Staff) says...
Hi tbrookes,

Avocados don't tend to mind good prune, but there are a few things to watch out for.

They can sunburn very easily, especially the trunk, so if you're taking all the sun-blocking canopy layer off, it is good practice to paint the trunk with a watered down white acrylic paint, think light sunscreen consistency.

Graft maintenance is another one, if your tree is grafted. a good haircut will stimulate lateral growth so its an important time to watch for suckers from the ground/ below the graft.

I hope this helps, feel free to browse the archives on this forum as people have asked this question before and their may be some helpful information I have forgotten in there.

- Caleb from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery
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Caleb (Staff)
11th January 2019 3:41pm
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