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Straighten bent fig tree

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tbcha1 starts with ...
Hi all
is there a easy way to straighten this fig (St Dominique) tree? is it worth while doing it? or should i just let straighter shoots come out and cut it back so it becomes fairly straight overall?
thanks for any advice
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Bayswater, VIC
11th May 2017 4:33pm
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Original Post was last edited: 11th May 2017 6:54pm
BlackThumbed says...
Hi tbcha1,
Personally, I'd tip prune the tree in spring to allow for more straight growth but still I feel the shape gives it real character! I have a st. Dominique fig tree which i straightened out with 4 stakes around the tree and tie to help keep the tree straight for the growing season.

Overall, if you want to straighten it, in spring tip prune the trees and use the 4 stakes method.

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Malvern East
29th May 2017 4:59pm
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