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Strawberry growers - Have you seen a variety like th

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MatcheW starts with ...
G'day folks!

I bought four strawberry plants from a garden centre four years ago. They were all the same variety (a pink flowering variety)...or were supposed to be. But once flowering arrived I noticed that one plant was different. It has bicolour flowers...white with "pink rays" emanating from the center. I think its quite lovely. But am unsure what variety it is.

Is it a different variety that got mislabeled? If so, which variety? I cant see anything like this at all through my googling.

Is it a mutant (for want of a better word)? If so, how would that work? I assumed all strawberry plants bought from reputable suppliers would be grown from runners, right? And that would make it a genetic copy of the parent plant? But it can still mutate? It seems 99% the same as the other three in terms of fruiting and growth habits, except the pink and white flowers, so the mutant thing seems likely to me. But how?

Any insight welcomed!

Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2
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21st February 2021 8:32pm
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jakfruit etiquette says...
Plants can show changes via mutation in a few different cases.
Variegation can arise via mutation of a branch.
Citrus such as Navel oranges have produced many branch mutation variants giving new varieties of Naval orange, later propagated by grafting.
Your strawberry plant is quite nice, maybe the gene that controls the pink pigment was turned off.
It could also be mislabelled, anywhere from the main nursery to garden centre, but as you say it seems identical to the pink variety ??
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jakfruit etiquette
gotham city,3000,Vic
23rd February 2021 7:52am
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