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Suggestions for edible striking poolside garden

    2 responses

Gav1 starts with ...
I wonder if anyone has any ideas for a striking, edible 'evergreen' garden to decorate the side of a fresh (not salt or chlorinated) pool?

It's fairly sheltered and is East facing. 12 metres long and about 600 deep and wide.

I'd like something to grow about 2m high with some small shrubs and ground cover. The roots need to be non-evasive. It also has to be something we can use in the kitchen - all very well having 6 bay trees but we would never use them ;)

Some ideas I had were:
lemon myrtle (slow growing native, evergreen, full sun, red growth in summer, white blossoms) 2 – 5m high
Bay tree – could be shaped
Small (non fruiting?) olive perhaps (but afraid this will get too big)

Rosemary (upright, purple flowers)
Lavender (purple or white flowers aren’t that attractive once they have died however)

Lemon balm
Sage – theres some varieties with big purple flowers
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10th July 2017 1:53pm
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Original Post was last edited: 10th July 2017 5:31pm
Kath5 says...
Those sound like good choices. A few things I have that should do well in your climate are:

Dwarf Avocado
Dwarf Citrus
Sweet potato (good for smothering weeds, I eat the leaves as well as the tubers)

A couple of other options that might work:

Dwarf Mango
Acerola Cherry
Native Raspberry

You could also get low chill dwarf stone fruits or apple/pear but they would drop leaves in the pool.
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11th July 2017 2:11pm
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Pademelon1 says...
Some more Ideas:

Non-Dwarf, but smaller Citrus varieties like cumquats, calamondins, finger-limes etc.
Davidson's Plum
Dwarf Papaya

It should also be noted that while some suggestions (loquat, lemon myrtle etc.) are great, they may require some upkeep to prevent them growing more than 2m.

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12th July 2017 10:10pm
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