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Suitable fruit trees/vines

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Hamish starts with ...
Hi all,

Im new to this forum so go easy on me :D

I have recently purchased a property at Crooble - which is about an hours drive North East of Moree NSW. Sort of between Moree and Goondiwindi.

The 8 acres has excellent rich black soil, lots of sun and there is good ground water on the block from the bore.

I am looking for advice on the most suitable fruit trees for my location. I would like to plant a variety of fruit as I am aiming for self suficiency.

To start with I am thinking grapes, figs, stone fruit, apples, citris. I guess that about covers all varieties anyway!

I am unsure if I will get enough frost for trees requiring chill. The prvious owner said they get about 12 frosts a year - but I cant confirm this.

The area is very big on growing wheat, chickpeas and cotton aparently. And it is in an area known as the Golden Triangle - which I think refers to the great growing conditions in the area.

Any advice on what to select would be very much apreciated.

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North East of Moree NSW
7th October 2008 10:23am
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Anonymous says...
All the varieties you mention should do ok. Daley's catalogue normally lists plants which have a low chill requirement, have seen some of their stone and pome fruit do well in Nth NSW/SE Qld.
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19th October 2008 2:51pm
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