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Understory plants

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BJ starts with ...
Hi all, My father has a nice rainforest regen patch on his 5 acre block in the west of brisbane. It is pretty impressive from the outside, with huge (30m odd) native figs and the like, but inside it is pretty barren, with just a few native gardenia. It has led to the floor getting dryer than it should be and the whole patch looking a little less lush than it may otherwise look, and has left a space open for awful weeds like Chinese Elm to take over.

I'd like to help him out with good understory plants, native in the first instance (hopefully wildlife attracting fruit/flowering plants) and fruiting and edible exotic plants.

Has anyone got any good suggestions?

Ground covers, small to mid bushes and mid story plants are all required.
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27th September 2010 10:46pm
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Elke says...

I would plant some Davidson Plum, they look lovely, almost like a mix between palm and ferntree. Also, they cope well with shade. Midjim berries are a fav also, cute little light blue berries, very sweet. Does not grow more than a metre high and copes very well with dry soil (I am living on top of a sand dune) and shade. Apple berries make great ground cover, also cope with dry conditions, but need mulch (all of them do better with a good layer of mulch). And walking stick palm - good for shade.. Lilly pillies in all forms and formats also cope with shade, and have nice berries.
Good luck!
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28th September 2010 3:50pm
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