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Wedding Palms

    2 responses

Shelly97 starts with ...
Hi, I am wanting to purchase "e;e;Wedding Palms for new house. I have them growing at our current place but not sure if they will survive transplant.
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Evans Head
8th May 2018 2:08am
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Shelly

Transplanting your wedding palm to your new place is doable unless you are relocating overseas. But the best time to do it is during spring when the weather starts to warm up. It is also possible at this time of the year if you are relocating to a frost free area.

I understand that wedding palms (Lytocarium Weddellianum) is a miniature palm. They rarely grow more than 6 ft tall if i am not mistaken.

1. The planting hole to the new place should be ready already before you dig out the palms. The new planting hole should be twice as wide the rootball of the transplant but only as deep as the ground level of the palm.

2. Water the palm copiously to soften the soil for digging.

3. Trim about 1/2 to 2/3 of the fronds to avoid too much water loss through transpiration.

4. Start digging about 1-2 ft away from the trunk. Then slowly dig under the rootball when you feel that you are near the end of the root system mass.

5. Lift it up and wrap the rootball with hessian or burlap cloth to keep the soil and the roots intact.

6. When transporting tie the remaining leaves together and support the trunk to avoid being damage by the headwind when driving.

Happy gardening :-)
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8th May 2018 7:38pm
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Original Post was last edited: 8th May 2018 7:39pm
brad16 says...
Hi Shelly,

Whether you transplant or not, you may like to broaden your search to find suppliers.

'Wedding' palms (Lytocaryum weddellianum) are probably better known as 'Weddell' palms (which is more apparent once you know its botanical name). It is possible that 'Wedding' came about as a misinterpretation of 'Weddell'.

I did a very quick search for suppliers and found a Gumtree user in Gosford NSW, and Palms For Brisbane in Moriningside QLD at:


Outside of other options, there's always the possibility of picking some up the next time you travel north or south.

Try using the botanical name in searches. You'll get better results from nurseries.
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9th May 2018 10:18am
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