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White Sapote - Casimiroa

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Farouk starts with ...
Hi All,

I had purchased a Golden Globe White Sapote... it had picked up well but in its early stages the chickens dug it out of the ground (early spring 2018) & I think it was sitting on the lawn for a couple of days.. without any soil, sun glaring at all its tiny exposed roots, I was in disbelief as it's the second golden globe I put in the ground, the first one mysteriously died all on its own, so for this one the minute I realised what had happen I attempted a rescue mission by putting it in water then drenching its roots with rooting hormone gel & putting it in a good potting mix. It hasn't had any change for the last 2 months..(no leaves just wood) but I have been watering it daily as usual in a shady spot & I scratched the side of it a couple of times to se the sign of life (still green), today my wife had a brilliant idea to reuse the soil the recovering white sapote was in & left it on the ground for her ornamental garden.. luckily I was watering the garden at the time & she told me I just took your dead white sapote out.. I was just in disbelief again! Why can't I have my white sapote to grow! But I was patient with her & just repotted it very simply in a tiny pot with cheap potting mix as I was almost running late to work, I did check the progress on the now again exposed roots, all the old roots had turned brown/died but it has a few maybe 5-10 new WHITE roots & 1 or maybe more shoots looking like it was on its way up towards the surface of the soil! This is just my vent to the rest of you gardeners out there that can probably relate. If there is any tips or success stories with a White Sapote full recovery, please give me hope. On the other hand the first golden globe I also planted a WS Lemon Gold for pollinating the Golden Globe one.. which is doing very well about 1.5 metres by 1.5 metres if not more in full bloom so beautiful & full of life.

Thank you sorry for the long story, although I like to read these sorts of stories from others with full details & I did sort of threaten the chickens if they did it again they will be chicken soup!
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10th December 2018 12:31pm
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