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Yellow Vein Chlorosis

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Gradmaster Yoda starts with ...
Hi everyone. My mandarin leaves are doing this, I have only seen it on older foliage and also on only one side of the tree (not sure if coincidence or not). Is this typically what yellow vein chlorosis would look like? It's mostly only in the center of the leaf that's why I ask. I read that it's common in winter as the soil nitrogen becomes less available. Should I apply foliar fertilizer? Or just ride it out until it warms up?
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Gradmaster Yoda
30th June 2019 12:48pm
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Mike Tr says...
Mmm could it be a sudden lack of availability of N with a general background Potassium deficiency. Such apparent deficiencies can be caused by excesses, toxicities, root damage and antagonisms as much as straight lack of nutrients.
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Mike Tr
4th July 2019 8:49am
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