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Yuzu curling leaves

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CMcKerrow starts with ...
Hi, My Yuzu plant is on the roof top. We cover it if there is strong wind. Using good quality of citrus potting mix. However, the leaves are curling for months. Please advise what are the issues. How much watering is required per week.
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16th November 2020 5:12pm
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jakfruit etiquette says...
There seems to be one flat normal leaf in the pic, at the top left corner. The rest look ok, but very lush.
I don't think it looks too unusual / unyuzual for a Yuzu. They can be semi deciduous, so can have a strong spring flush.
Im not sure they are drying out, it may be too much nitrogen fertiliser causing xs growth. It could be N in the pot mix fertilisers, or fertiliser you apply ??
Potassium might help to harden the leaves, such as a low N seaweed fertiliser, or even a kelp fertiliser, with very low N. The kelps other trace elements might help.
One way to check watering is lift up the pot before you water, then again after. It should feel heavier. You should water to allow some drainage from the base to flush xs fertiliser.
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jakfruit etiquette
gotham city,3000,Vic
20th November 2020 1:18pm
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