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Helena1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Perth

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Helena1 Forum Contributions
Passionfruit - Hi, I live in Perth and my peach tree is laden with fruit, they are about the size of a man's thumb nail. Hope to get some decent fruit this year, as apposed to the last few years where I lost every single last fruit to insects. My apricot, nectarine, pl..1862 days 11hrs
Passionfruit - I am not sure I this works or not as my passion fruit vine produces really well BUT I was told by a friend who owned an orchard that if you soak bread with milk and bury it close to the passion fruit vine it will assist the vine in producing. Have no idea..1862 days 12hrs
Blueberry - Hi Deb, I purchased one of my Blueberry bushes at Kelmscott Garden Cntr and another I purchased at Mitre 10, they are available now. Both of mine are approx 4-41/2' tall I am growing both in pots. The older one which was purchased last season and transp..2641 days 11hrs

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Passionfruit - Hi Ya, your story I can completely relate to. I too was frustrated with my non grafted passionfruit (jumbo black). It was a prolific grower, covered in flowers but would not set fruit. I told my hubby it was coming out,after 3 years! Well, within two m..Liked Answer 917 days 14hrs
Pawpaw fertilisation - I have 2 Southern Red bisexual Pawpaw trees that are both fruiting nicely, fruit quality is good. I notice the seeds are smaller than shop pawpaws. Questions: 1. What happens if I plant the seed from these fruit? Will they revert to non-bisexual? Be i..Liked Question 1860 days 17hrs

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