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Mike's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/07/14 Updated: 09/07/14 Frost:
Location: Karrabin

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Mike Forum Contributions
Mangos from kg - Sternus1... no problems with that should have some others you will be interested in.......1728 days 23hrs
Mangos from kg - Sternus1... Lemon Zest has been planted out & is going great with new growth pushing last month re the hotter weather..... The Orange Sherbet has been re-potted & still a little bit small to plant out so I have placed in a hot house to give it a major bur..1729 days 3hrs
Mangos from kg - BK yes can graft but can't get budwood into OZ.....Yes got some up but chickens knocked them off... They love these & passion fruit sprouts.... Wouldn't say no to be re-supplied.... Yu-Wen didn't arrive..... Thanks..Mike..1729 days 6hrs
Mangos from kg - BK thanks.. Hear from you soon..1729 days 13hrs
Mangos from kg - BK can you get hold of the Red Ivory seeeds by any chance ???? I would/could like to grow.......1730 days 2hrs

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