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Plants that we have too many of and that will soon outgrow their pot size so need to be sold fast
Plants that we have too many of and that will soon outgrow their pot size so need to be sold fastAdvanced treesNative MT buy 3 get 1 FREEFruit Tree Packs

Kam's Edible Backyard

Joined: 22/07/14 Updated: 22/07/14 Frost:
Location: Perth

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Kam Forum Contributions
Grumichama7 - Hi Fruitilicious1. Thank you for your information. I have enjoyed reading all your posts. Very interesting. ..410 days 4hrs
Grumichama7 - Anyone in the forum have experience in growing a black or gold Grumichama in Perth? I would like to grow the Grumicham tree with the gold fruits...421 days 19hrs
Giant siam starfruit tree - Thank you Mike Tr and Manfred for your information...439 days 6hrs
Giant siam starfruit tree - Hi Mike Tr Thanks for the reply. I am wondering if the 2 trees of different varieties are grown next to each other and cross pollination takes place, will my Giant Siam tree bears small fruits? If so, I will need to move the B10 which has smaller fruit..443 days 15hrs
Giant siam starfruit tree - Hi, Would someone be able to help me with some questions please? I have planted a Giant Siam Starfruit tree more than a year ago. About 3 mtrs I have a B10 Starfruit tree. When they start to fruit what size fruits will I get from my Giant Siam? Will ..455 days 5hrs
Name of this fruit please - Rusty1 I saw something in youtube and found the name for this fruit. I am looking for a tree or seeds. It is a Calabash Fruit Tree either a Crescentia Cujete or a Amphitecna Laticolia. What I have found in the internet the Cujete is not edible but th..652 days 15hrs
Blueberry burst - My friend's Burst Blueberries are as big as 10 cents pieces. I have bought one after she did but mine bears small fruits. Wrong label!!..778 days 13hrs
Carambola - Gabriele I agree, the new shoot is above the graft. Likes full sun and water. Best in the ground. I have a Kary variety from seed. It is amazing how it tolerates the cold and hot weather in Perth. I trimmed mine because it was getting over the fenc..778 days 13hrs
Wanted bitter melon seeds in perth - Benudas Do you go to Market City corner Bannister/Ranford? There is an Asian Gourmet shop closest to Bannister Rd side. You can buy Asian veg packets of seeds in there. You are unsuccessful you may like to come to the Sunday market on coming Sunday be..778 days 13hrs
Red shahtoot - Hi Bob My white shahtoot which I bought is doing very well. Not sure what root stock it was budded on. The other 2 which I have budded on to black mulberry root stock are in pots and are doing very well too. I have found on both trees, one had taken o..803 days 11hrs
Red shahtoot - Bob, I am new in growing Shahtoot. Would you like to tell me the difference growing from it own Shahtoot roots and budding on something else. What I can see is that the tree grows vigorously like a black mulberry? ..806 days 18hrs
Bosworth lychee - Henry I went to check my Lychee and Longan trees after seeing your post. Yes, some of the leaves on my trees are like yours. I have never worried about the trees because the leaves go dry like yours usually the older leaves but when it is winter new sh..806 days 18hrs
Red shahtoot - Hi Bob I had some luck in budding shahtoot on to 1 year old cuttings off a red mulberry tree. 2 success out of 6. ..810 days 4hrs
Lychee tree13 - Hi Mike T1 this may explain why my Fay Feeza is fruiting at the wrong time of the year. After so many years, it has not died and has not adjusted to Perth climate. Kam..1379 days 6hrs
Lychee tree13 - Sorry, Mark. Thanks for your reply. I could not come back to the forum to check for replies earlier. I have a Lychee FayZeeza which is fruiting very well except for this Soey Tung which had lots of flowers and some turned into fruits but they were all i..1384 days 7hrs

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