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Kam's Edible Backyard

Joined: 22/07/14 Updated: 22/07/14 Frost:
Location: Perth

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Kam Forum Contributions
Hass avocado tree1 - Hi David01 Thank you very much for your reply. My avocado tree is too close to my house. Best thing is to put it in a pot. I have put in a star fruit tree in the ground instead. I am more comfortable this way. This Hass avocado tree is growing very t..411 days 17hrs
Hass avocado tree1 - Hi Julie Thank you very much for your reply. A friend of mine had heard about dwarfing trees but not done it before and he asked me to find out how I could do it for my avocado tree. I have a 160 litre pot. Perhaps I can use it. I think your mandar..411 days 17hrs
Hass avocado tree1 - Hi Would someone be able to tell me if I dwaf my Hass avocado tree will it stop the tree from growing vigorous roots. When I bought the tree I was going to put it into a 160 ltr pot but found out it should have gone into the ground. If I can make the ..417 days 12hrs
Grumichama7 - Hi Fruitilicious1. Thank you for your information. I have enjoyed reading all your posts. Very interesting. ..952 days 11hrs
Grumichama7 - Anyone in the forum have experience in growing a black or gold Grumichama in Perth? I would like to grow the Grumicham tree with the gold fruits...964 days 1hrs

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