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Salsify's Edible Backyard

Joined: 10/11/14 Updated: 10/11/14 Frost:
Location: Leschenault

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Salsify Forum Contributions
Something is eating my passionfruit vines - ..1880 days 1hrs
Wampee problem - I have some quite decent fruit set this year and have found that a big increase in the watering and feeding has made the difference. My two Guy Sams have been dug up and relocated about three times now - and are finally settled. I will be interested to s..1889 days 11hrs
Grumichama fruiting problem1 - That looks like a bit of sunburning maybe Juneli..? Nothing that needs treating with anything - other than more water - then some feeding once the soil nice and wet again..? Give a good drink every 2 or 3 days for a week or so and I reckon you will start..1894 days 15hrs
Grumichama fruiting problem1 - Dunno Juneli - a pic might help...? Mine occasionally get a bacterial or fungal spotting - but nothing to worry about...is it sort of like this pic..? Pale green leaves could just be a lack of nitrogen..? They have really shallow roots that are fibrou..1894 days 21hrs
Grumichama fruiting problem1 - I am with you ?BJ - this plant has lived in 4 different locations and has been treated the same as my long leaf tree that flourishes and fruits well. I reckon it's a dud too. ..1898 days 24hrs

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