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Fay's Edible Backyard

Joined: 22/03/15 Updated: 22/03/15 Frost:
Location: Toowoomba

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Fay Forum Contributions
Chewing on chufas - I grew a couple in styrofoam boxes the year before. Even though I planted a good handful, I didn’t get many come up. It’s because I made the silly mistake of planting them with the point up and the crown-looking part down like planting garlic. 🤪 Tu..490 days 3hrs
Chewing on chufas - Last year I planted mine late in January and from 2 cups of tigernuts I harvested 5 litres. I was late harvesting because we had a wet winter and I didn’t want to sit in the rain and the mud (raised garden bed). I found that only the original nut rotte..497 days 5hrs
Yellow or pink cassava - Does anyone have any cuttings of yellow or pink Cassava that I can buy? ..877 days 5hrs
Ulluco harvest ullucus tuberosus - They taste much like potatoes Mark, except with a different texture. Oca tastes earthier. Some people think they taste like beetroot, and that's what I was expecting, but none of us could taste even a remote resemblance to beetroot. My husband was eager t..996 days 10hrs
Ulluco harvest ullucus tuberosus - We ate some for the first time yesterday. When they are raw, they have a raw potato crossed with a mild radish flavour. We steamed some and they taste just like potatoes but their texture isn't as pasty. They aren't watery to eat like chokoes. The whole f..997 days 11hrs
Etrogs in brisbane - Not too long ago, I bought seeds off a guy in Israel who said the seeds were from ungrafted Etrog trees that were planted during the reestablishment of Israel. The seeds were different to normal citrus; they had a sort of furry, velvety sort of shell rath..998 days 8hrs
Ulluco harvest ullucus tuberosus - The year before last I started with one little tuber the size of my little fingernail. It's like Christmas digging up these bright little tubers. Unlike potatoes, the green ones aren't poisonous. ..999 days 2hrs
Chokos - Hi Kaz, no problems. I'll email you..1108 days 24hrs
Chokos - Kazino, there's a guy in Highfields who sells chokos for 10 cents each. He's on the road that runs from the school towards Woolies. He's got an honesty box out the front on the left side of the road. Also, the fruit shop in Vanity Street in Toowoomba sell..1114 days 11hrs
Where can i get the konyaku plant - Trikus, I've edited out my email address. I didn't get a reply from you but I did get a reply from someone. And to the person who did reply: No, I am not looking for a "Homophallus penisfolius var. erectus". If I were, I'd want a much larger and hea..1484 days 12hrs
Where can i get the konyaku plant - I don't know too much about the different types John. I've got A. konjac and it's never been a problem. But then again, mine are only one year old. They grow beautifully in my greenhouse. My Konjac has a strange pattern on its stem too. Trikus, I've cr..1484 days 13hrs
Canna lily - Hi Krazy Kangaroo, When I tried mine, they were very tough and stringy....very disappointing. They need an awful lot of cooking time too compared to other veggies. The bits in between the strings tasted good though. I think my problem was that I tried t..1486 days 0hrs
Where can i get the konyaku plant - Oh dear me, we have a quandary..... Have you put up your email at all on the forum? I haven't. ..1486 days 2hrs
Where can i get the konyaku plant - Trikus, can I buy or swap something for an A. paeoniifolius bulb/offset or seeds from you? Jerry Coleby in Brisbane grows them, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting my hands on one...1486 days 9hrs
Top superfoods - Hi Rissa, you're probably better off researching a few of the common ones to see if they'll grow in your area. There are hundreds of super foods and these days most berries are in that class because of the antioxidant value of the anthocyanins they contai..1488 days 1hrs

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