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Fay's Edible Backyard

Joined: 22/03/15 Updated: 22/03/15 Frost:
Location: Toowoomba

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Fay Forum Contributions
Chewing on chufas - I grew a couple in styrofoam boxes the year before. Even though I planted a good handful, I didn’t get many come up. It’s because I made the silly mistake of planting them with the point up and the crown-looking part down like planting garlic. 🤪 Tu..578 days 16hrs
Chewing on chufas - Last year I planted mine late in January and from 2 cups of tigernuts I harvested 5 litres. I was late harvesting because we had a wet winter and I didn’t want to sit in the rain and the mud (raised garden bed). I found that only the original nut rotte..585 days 18hrs
Yellow or pink cassava - Does anyone have any cuttings of yellow or pink Cassava that I can buy? ..965 days 18hrs
Ulluco harvest ullucus tuberosus - They taste much like potatoes Mark, except with a different texture. Oca tastes earthier. Some people think they taste like beetroot, and that's what I was expecting, but none of us could taste even a remote resemblance to beetroot. My husband was eager t..1084 days 23hrs
Ulluco harvest ullucus tuberosus - We ate some for the first time yesterday. When they are raw, they have a raw potato crossed with a mild radish flavour. We steamed some and they taste just like potatoes but their texture isn't as pasty. They aren't watery to eat like chokoes. The whole f..1086 days 1hrs

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