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Jo Troposphere's Edible Backyard

Joined: 19/04/15 Updated: // Frost:
Location: Thornbury, Vic

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Jo Troposphere Forum Contributions
Banana varieties were missing out - Never seen in Australia and some of us have been looking a long, long time. The problem is that it’s a mutation of normal E. ventricosum, but it produces normal seed. The way to get more red babies is to force the red mother plant into pupping, by ..753 days 12hrs
Banana varieties were missing out - Hadn't thought about postage, John. Usually pickup only. Basjoo pups get too tall to post without chopping back. This year I have a few extra numbers of basjoo pups after removing some old plants. See pics showing larger first year plant ($80), bigger p..1945 days 7hrs
Banana varieties were missing out - Hi all, I'm still growing several super hardy ornamental bananas in Melbourne. Have limited qtys for sale. Musa basjoo (Japanese Fibre Banana) seeds, pups Musa sikkimensis (Darjeeling Banana) ex ground Musa itinerans (Yunnan Banana) pots, ex ground ..1945 days 10hrs
Elusive palms - It will enjoy itself a lot more in the ground :) Here's my P cocoides in Melbourne. Was about the size of yours when planted, ten years ago...1945 days 10hrs

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