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Adrian's Edible Backyard

Joined: 03/07/15 Updated: 03/07/15 Frost:
Location: Campbell

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Adrian Forum Contributions
Can unripegreen tamarillos ripen off the tree - Growing Tamarillos in cool climates such as in Canberra and Melbourne, in my experience, allows only the very early set fruit to mature to ripeness on the tree. So the tips mentioned above about ethylene induced ripening will help me a lot with getting t..417 days 5hrs
Garlic - Hi Brendan I've grown garlic successfully in Canberra for some years now, starting with Australian White, an artichoke variety, and then Glen Large, a day neutral variety from Queensland, but the fastest growing and largest bulbs with lots of flavour was..461 days 2hrs
Tamarillogrowing from cuttings - My Tamarillo trees (3) lost all their leaves this last Canberra winter, despite providing cover from frost. We had multiple minus 6 degree frosts in July and August. But amazingly this Spring the trees have sprouted new growth, which is promising for frui..627 days 1hrs
Tamarillos4 - Canberra is a really challenging place for growing Tamarillos. This winter we had multiple -6 degree temperatures and my Tamarillo trees, which bore beautifully last season, lost all their leaves. I had kept the trees under eaves on the north side of the ..660 days 24hrs
Garlic - An interesting sequence of discussion on growing garlic. I'm located in Canberra, but when I was searching for Australian garlic at Coles (of all places)last year, I planted some 50 cloves and produced an incredible crop. However, I understand that Coles..822 days 0hrs

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