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Jacob's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/11/15 Updated: 05/11/15 Frost:
Location: Mentone

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Jacob Forum Contributions
Bacon avocado2 - Thanks all. I will try putting mulch for it...1705 days 2hrs
Bacon avocado2 - Dear All, My sincere thanks to you all. I have attached 3 photos taken today. It appears that the tree is dying. My soil is very sandy that can not hold much water at all. Best regards, Jacob..1706 days 15hrs
Bacon avocado2 - Hi, I live in Mentone Victoria 3194. I recently bought a Bacon avocado tree from garden world. After I planted for about 6 weeks, it's leaves go yellow and drop off. It appears that it is dying. I water it twice every day. Am I doing the right thing? C..1708 days 15hrs

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