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Joined: 26/03/16 Updated: 26/03/16 Frost:
Location: Perth

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Joanna24 Forum Contributions
Avocado grafting1 - Okay thank you! I have an Avo tree in the family, it is very mature, would have to be over 20 years old and more possibly, however it hasn't fruited or made flowers in a very long time, any advice on how to get it to start flowering and fruiting again? ..1528 days 0hrs
Avocado grafting1 - Hi, I have a few questions about grafting, firstly, do you just cut branches off another avocado tree to use to graft an avocado seedling? and second, how old should the other tree be that you are cutting from to use for grafting your younger plant? Ho..1533 days 15hrs

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