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Chantzis's Edible Backyard

Joined: 25/02/17 Updated: 25/02/17 Frost:
Location: Coburg

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Chantzis Forum Contributions
Mango tree browning of leaves - David01 - The tree is potted, indoors, in a sunny, northerly position. It can get quite warm with the low winter sun beaming in...301 days 9hrs
Mango tree browning of leaves - Thanks Fruitylicious1 - This sounds right as I had added some fertiliser last time I repotted! I have since repotted with fresh soil and it seems to have halted the spread. I've had spider mites on my mango trees in the past, but not in this instance - al..301 days 9hrs
Mango tree browning of leaves - I've grown several mango trees in Melbourne from pip - one is about 8 years old and now in the ground, has produced one season of fruit (keeping two mangoes from an abundance of flowers). The one pictured is indoors in a pot and has done well - although t..340 days 20hrs
Mangoes in melbourne mission impossible - Transplanted a 2 year old mango yesterday, grown from a pip from my uncle's large established KP. It was still in original soil and pot from planting (tiny amount of soil) and has three main trunks. I left all three (a fourth died off) as it has been an i..421 days 16hrs
Mangoes in melbourne mission impossible - Hi Markmelb - here are two shots of my uncle's tree, taken about 10 days ago. Closeups showing fruit - notice the strange one near the centre of frame, siamese twins. The fruit are on average larger than KPs that you find in store over summer in Melbourne..758 days 10hrs
Mangoes in melbourne mission impossible - I have a potted mango that I grew from a Kensigton Pride pip about 5 or 6 years ago. It was outside for about 4 years initially - how it survived winters, a small pot, and neglect from others failing to water it when I was away, I'll never know. Growth fo..821 days 8hrs

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